20+ Online Business Ideas – Earn Upto 1000$ Monthly 2020

online business ideas

Looking for online business ideas? If yes, then this article is for you. Are you bored with the rat race of 9-5 every single day? I know you want to quit it, but can’t. We need money! Therefore it won’t be a good idea to quit a job and unless you find other options to rely on. What could possibly be better than your own business and that too online! Online business has a few lucrative benefits that make it more acceptable.

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You have the freedom to work however you like. Online business is the new industry. From the boom of industries, history has witnessed the technological changes and rapid reduction of human resources. You have the freedom to travel to any corner of the world and still operate your business. Also, you have the flexibility of work hours, which means more family time. You are your own boss. Working online is better because you don’t have to rely on any corporation or people and most importantly you don’t have to share your profit with anyone.

One of the main motivations that work wonder when talking about online business is the breaking of the 9-5 circle!

Now, you have figured out the benefits of working online, let’s check out the various online business ideas we have.

1# What Are The Best Online Business Ideas?

Like every business, online business to needs time to flourish. If you expect to earn profit from the beginning you need to reset your desires. Patience, integrity, and priority combined will help you reach success at an unexpected rate. Okay, without wasting any more time, let’s check out the ideas.

1. Blogging

Online business ideas - Blogging

Starting with Blogging because this is what I am doing right now! It is one of the best online business ideas. Every online business starts with a blog. A blog generally helps you earn from various sources. Affiliate marketing, make google Adsense, write reviews, sell ads directly, sell blog posts (sponsored), et cetera. You can do it from anywhere you are in the world. You just need a phone, tablet, laptop or a P.C with an internet connection. The demands are minimal with huge returns.

2. Data Entry

Just need an internet connection, computer and beginner’s knowledge with excel. It is quite a job with great returns. This is the perfect work from home options. This doesn’t require much time and attention. You can easily do it with your regular job and once you establish yourself, let go off the 9-5 hassle.

3. Online Yoga Instructor

Do you love your body and believe in the body temple concept? This is what you should do because you were born to make people realize the necessity of keeping a good and healthy body. Yoga is an art form that is also beneficial for a healthy body and mind. You can start your own website where you can conduct online yoga classes with students from all over the world. Keep subscription charges for classes. Make a blog to write stuff about yoga and also sell various necessary items for yoga.

Affiliate marketing, videos, malis, subscription everything will bring you huge profit monthly all together.

4. Financial Management Consultant

Do you know financial management deeply? You can try to help people with your practical and theoretical skills in financial management. Financial management is very important when someone is operating a business. Financial management helps you understand the cash flow system, ensuring optimum fund utilization, planning a good capital structure and many more. Only an expert can guide beginners. Charge money on consulting. Financial management consultants are well paid.

5. Online Tuition

Connect with willing students all over the world with just a click. If you are an expert on any subject, don’t waste the knowledge, distribute it. You can connect with your students through video chats. Make a website yourself or you can be members with different online coaching websites. Online teachers are paid on an hourly basis ranging from $25 to $40.

6. Online Mental Therapy

There has been a growth unhealthy mental state due to various reasons. Are you an offline Counselor? Psychotherapist? Psychologist? Then you should upgrade your therapeutic practices. There are a number of websites that connect clients with psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists. You can become a member and operate through them or you can build your own website to provide assistance to someone in need. Earn through subscription, email subscription, blog about mental health, etc.

7. Food Blogging And Vlogging


Blogging is where you connect with people using the magic of your words but vlogging is something where you take your viewers along with you. Blogs about food are always being searched. One of the most popular blog searches. Food blogs talk about recipes, restaurants to eat, cheap restaurants, etc. Vlogging also supports visuals. You are virtually present in the spot. Food vlogging channels are quite popular and always have high traffic. You get invitations from various restaurants who ask you to taste their food and review about them, also you might get paid depending on your popularity.

8. Resume Writing

Are you from the background of human resources? Utilizing this opportunity, we will suggest you start an online resume writing service. Resume writers earn quite a lot. Help your clients with grooming, cover letters, job applications, etc. Include these amounts in your resume writing fee. Provide support to your clients through emails and WhatsApp as well. Choose your comfortable working hours. You can also help them prepare for the interview!

9. Freelancing

Everyone these days is marching towards freelancing because freelance provides you the freedom to work whenever you want to. You can be a freelance editor, writer, journalist, photographer and many more.

10. Freelance Proofreader

Proofreaders are always in demand because every single day thousands of new content are being published. Proofreaders usually help correct the silly mistakes. You can be a freelance Proofreader and earn your freedom. Also, you don’t have to meet a deadline or overwork. You will take up projects only when you are free. Proofreaders get paid instantly. Just find a genuine website before you say yes to this job because transactions are always online in these kinds of jobs.

11. Become A Online Nutritionist

These are also one of the most surfed websites, especially during any festival. If you are a nutritionist or a gym trainer or a yoga instructor, you can do this. People are tending towards healthy cuisines and that makes these sites very popular. You create your website and provide various meal plans for weight loss or weight gain. Meal plans like the keto diet, paleo diet, all plant diet, low-carb diet, etc. Provide various exercises to continue With the diet plans.

You can sell your diet plan, books on diet plans, etc. Workout subscription plans are also very profitable. You can provide personal training to your clinic via digital media. Also, you can sell a personal diet and workout plan.

12. A DIY Blog

Creative people always keep searching for DIYs. If you are among these creative creatures, help them. There are various DIYs ranging from jewelry to household items. You can put up blogs about how to make them or you can put up videos to help them virtually. Try not to just concentrate on a single type DIYs rather give plenty of options to your viewer, this will help them stay connected with you. You can make DIYs with the dress, home decor, painting, gardening, wall paintings, lights, et cetera.

13. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube - 20+ Online Business Ideas

With zero investment and huge returns, youtube can be a great business. You can put up videos about your preferred subject. It can be a motivational speaker, a makeup artist, a teacher, a dancer, a DIY master, a singer or whatever. You will make money when your videos will be viewed and different advertising companies will approach you to promote their products through ads. Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, etc are different ways to make money on YouTube.

14. Stand-up Comedian

Do you love to add humor in everybody’s life? Try stand-up comedy. This is a tending profession and people are getting highly paid for this. You can open your channel to showcase your talent. Different large corporate houses or colleges and Universities hire stand-up comedians. You can even start podcasting your skills. If you are not comfortable going out to perform, you can podcast your views.

If you are feeling a bit nervous about this, follow these steps.

  • Find out your comfortable topic.
  • Jot down your points.
  • Organize your performance
  • Practice your performance
  • Select your style of performance

Take feedback from your friends. If it turns out to be good. Go for it!

15. Sell Pictures Online

If you are good at capturing amazing high-resolution photos and small videos then this business is for you. Basically, there are many online sites like, Shutterstock that allow people to upload quality pictures and videos. Whenever a user purchases your pictures or videos you will get a commission based on demand and quality of the picture.

16. Start Business Coaching

If you have great knowledge of businesses then consider starting a business coaching class online. This is another good option you’ll choose between the massive categories of online business ideas. You can either make video courses as well as you can write a book on it and earn a royalty on every purchase. It might help the tiny business to urge up and start achieving success in real-time.

17. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Just promote the products for a specific brand through your website, Facebook page or even at Whatapps and you’ll earn a profit margin of 5%-20% according to the company. Therefore this is often one among the foremost popular that you can start from the list of best online business ideas.

18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to affiliate but not the same. Basically, you open an online store (Shopify is best) and sell other products without worrying about shipping. You just act as a middle man and get a commission for it. Initially, you may find is a bit difficult but trust me there are many people who are earning huge from this simple business.

19. SEO consultants

Wondering about online business ideas? If you have dept knowledge of search engine optimization then you should consider starting an SEO service business. All the brands today want to remain at the highest position and thus SEO is on high demand now. Working as an SEO consultant is a great opportunity today.

20. Social Media Manager

Social media is very important for increasing popularity but you may not know that the person who is handling social media accounts is called a social media manager. As a social media manager, you have to promote various brands by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc to increase their visibility.

Ending Note

So that was the list of online business ideas. While reading this article we hope you have already decided to leave your job and try any of these exciting ideas.  If yes, we are assuming we have succeeded. So, don’t wait, start now.

If you find these ideas helpful, do not forget to mention it in the comment section below. You can get in touch with us using our mailing system too. I hope you liked the article and will share it with your friends too!

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