Papad Making Business Plan – Step by Step Process

So you want to know about papad making business right? Hold tight, after reading this article you will definitely understand almost everything about papad making business.  Papad is a crunchy appetizer mostly consumed in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka etc.

papad making business

The demand for papad is increasing rapidly over the five years in India.  You can start papad making business with low to medium scale of investment.

Market Opportunity for Papad Business

The demand for good quality papad is really high in Asian countries and its keep growing but I still advise you to do some research. Before jumping into papad making business you should consider checking the demand of papad in the market. There are many big and small companies who are making good money with a papad manufacturing business. Proper research is always an advantage for any business.

License requirements

Papad is a food base commodity so you have to take several licenses before initiating the business. The required licenses are listed below


  • GST Registration
  • BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • Company Registration

Machinery for Papad Business

If you want to start papad making a business from home then you don’t need any machinery except mixer grinder. But for large production, you will require a few types of machinery which I have listed down below.

  • Grinding Machine
  • Mixing Machine
  • Automated Papad Making Machine
  • Papad Drying Machine
  • Packaging machine (optional)

For the actual price and details of any above machine, you can visit the official website of Indianmart

Raw materials for Papad Making

There are many types of papad available in the market which requires different types of ingredients. The basic ingredient of Papad is white lentils (Urad Dal) but there are more ingredients which are required to make papad.  Here you can check the ingredient list.

  • White Lentils
  • Black Pepper
  • Red chilly
  • Salt
  • Asafetida
  • Oil
  • Sodium (bio-carbonate)

Papad Manufacturing Process

I have seen my elders making papad by their hands but nowadays technology has changed everything. There are machines available for everything so let’s see the process of papad manufacturing by machines. Firstly, the white lentils are soaked overnight and then it goes into the mixing machine after draining the water. Then other ingredients like salt, red chilly powder, sodium carbonate and etc are added to the mixture. After that small portion of dough is prepared for the next step.

Automated papad making machine roll them eventually and then it goes into the drying process and once it’s done the papad is finally ready for the packaging.

Selling Process of Papad

Firstly, you can start selling the papad to the local market directly. If your papad has the quality and it suits the local market then you can go further with your marketing strategy. You should start approaching the distributors to increase your sale. Gradually you can start transporting your papad to other popular states for better business.

Final Word:  Papad making business is undoubtedly a high-profit business model with low investment. If you can initiate the business properly then there is no one to stop you.  But I would advise you to gain some experience before starting the business. The best way to gain experience of a business is by working in the same industry. Best of luck

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