20 Small Part Time Business Ideas To Start in 2020

part time business ideas

Looking for part-time business ideas? If yes, here’s the list. In today’s dynamic world of ever-increasing expenditure, the salaries earned from jobs by employees are often not enough to meet daily expenses. To maintain a healthy standard of living one may think about doing part-time businesses alongside jobs. This will act as an added source of income for people willing to try it.

Let us primarily discuss some part-time business ideas with low-cost investments in this article. Most of them are work from home businesses.

List of 20 Best Part-Time Business Ideas

Let us look at a list of 20 low-investment part-time business ideas. Some can be started with negligible or no investment at all.

1. YouTube Channel

YouTube provides a great platform for people of all ages to display their talents to the world. People can post their own music videos, comedy of various forms, “how-to” guides, cooking and baking recipes, among several other things on their YouTube channel.

For people having one or more creative talents, it can be the best part-time business idea. It has negligible investment but can provide good returns if the channel does well on YouTube with a healthy number of subscribers.

2. Online Education

If someone is willing to spread any form of academic education, they can seek a virtual model of teaching as a platform to do so.

By creating online education courses professors and teachers share their knowledge online for extra income. People who do not go to academic institutions due to financial or other constraints but wish to learn may access this knowledge. It is, therefore, a noble part-time business idea.

3. Blog Writing

If someone is not a professional teacher or professor but has sufficient knowledge in one or more subjects they may create their own blogs. The subjects may range from mathematics to fashion designing, literature to cooking, and so on.

People can get in touch with website owners to publish blogs on a daily or weekly basis for a sum of money. Or, they may create their own blogging website. If blogging sites have enough readers you may seek third-party advertising as well.

Therefore, it is a part-time business idea that can generate money in multiple ways.

4. Career Counseling

Career counseling offers the perfect platform to provide appropriate guidance to people to choose careers that suit their skills. They act as mentors to provide confidence to people seeking for it.

It is one of the most approachable and countable professions that one can choose with the right set of guiding skills.

5. Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the prime reasons for the close-knitting of social connections worldwide.

If one is good with PR management this can be a good part-time business option working for companies selling beauty products or electronics.

6. Virtual Assistant

Almost every business owner needs specialized assistance to help them gain expertise in certain fields of the business. Virtual assistants provide qualified personnel guidance to such owners as per requirements.

This business has no start-up cost at all. One needs to provide knowledge to make money.

7. Image Consultancy Services

Business owners of medium or large organizations often consult with specialized personnel about whom to feature as the “face” or “faces” of the company. It is because, in today’s world, not only the brand value of the product but also the brand values of brand ambassadors decide the successful selling of products.

This business earns good money if one can provide effective consultancy services.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media being highly impactful in the modern world, every organization wants to upgrade and update their technical knowledge. Hence they have turned to publicize most of their operations on social media.

People who can help organizations with social media marketing have a good scope for earning money. This business is profitable in the long run.

9. Vocational Education

Apart from academic education courses, one can also offer vocational education courses on fine arts and performing arts. These include music, dance, theatre, art and crafts, and so on.

Vocational training is in high demand as it helps in developing all-round personalities and people with skills can pursue to offer their services part-time and make good money.

10. Web Designing

One can opt for becoming a web designer for companies with the right set of web designing skills. Almost every small to large business organization seeks professional help to make their web pages look more attractive.

Web Designers are always in demand and can be a good part-time job. It is also an innovative and creative part-time business idea for creative people.

11. Culinary Training Sessions

If one knows how to cook innovative dishes and more importantly, presents them in aesthetic manners. Then you can offer online or offline culinary training services. You can present own recipe or make some of the most popular cuisines in one’s own unique styles.

Additionally, If you can add nutritional benefits and other such necessary info for trainees or viewers this can be a well in demand part-time business idea.

12. Professional Wardrobe Stylist

Professional wardrobe stylists are in high demand these days among social and financial elites, who need to maintain good appearance standards at public events. From clothes to shoes, accessories, and other such stuff many people seek professional help in choosing.

If one knows how to add glamour and glitz to people in need, this can be a high paid part-time business idea.

13. Video Blog or Vlogging

Video blogging or vlogging is a very new low investment lucrative business idea. Not only YouTube, but people may also use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for vlogging. Vlogging is more popular these days than blogging.

The more the number of views, followers, and subscribers, the more revenue one will generate from Google Adsense. One must choose the subject of vlogging according to their expertise for doing well in this part-time business.

14. Wedding Planner

Planning designer weddings can be a top trending part-time business idea. If one has good innovative, planning, decorative, and social interaction skills, this is a well-paid business venture.

Basically, one has to interact with clients, know their wedding requirements, and execute it accordingly for suitable fees. One needs to maintain good business relations with various service providers to do well in this business.

15. Personalized Gift Items

Making personalized gift items like couple t-shirts, coffee mugs, photo frames can be an innovative part-time business idea. One can do it even alongside full-time jobs.

It is a low to medium cost business venture depending on the raw materials required. One needs a creative mind to do well in this business.

16. Paper-craft Business

It is one of the least expensive yet creative businesses with decent market demand. To make paper-crafts one primarily needs paper pulp mixed with glue and other easily available cheap decorative materials like colors.

Once dried, one can make decorative flowers, wall hangings, pendants, bowls, etc from papercrafts. The items can be sold online via social media as well.

17. Needle Embroidery

If one has the delicate skill of using needle and thread to make customized embroidery items because this is the perfect part-time job. It can use the “work from home” model.

Hand-made creative customized needle embroidery is in high demand. People prefer unique designs to readymade ones. Therefore the business has good potential in the market.

18. Handmade Jewellery

Nowadays Junk jewelry and costume jewelry are fashion trends, cheap raw materials are used to manufacture them. The end product is in demand from not only women but also people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

It is a low cost as well as a low-risk part-time business venture.

19. Customized Mobile Covers

Making customized mobile covers and other mobile accessories require low investment and almost certainly assures high returns.

People often want their favorite superhero, sportspersons, or movie stars on their customized mobile phone covers and therefore this is a part-time business idea in high demand.

20. Proofreading

The job of a proofreader is to read written copies sent by clients and point out grammatical, spelling, and typing errors. Proofreaders earn well based on capability.

Also, there is a great scope for freelance proofreading. One can work with publishers, newspapers, and other companies that need scripts with perfect grammar.


So readers, what do you think of these 20 part-time business ideas? Please do share your views. Apart from this, there are more business ideas that you can start with a small capital investment.

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