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Thinking to invest in a Patanjali franchise? If yes, here is the detail. If you are an Indian citizen and a fan of organic products then you must have used products by Patanjali. This company has come up with not only beauty products but also Ayurvedic medicines.

People here are hardcore fans of organic products and so this is something to be used as an advantage for your own side.

Well, it’s nothing but opening your Patanjali franchise. This brand has already made a good name in the Indian economy.

Going for a business with a company that has already reached the highest peak is actually more profitable than what it actually seems. If you are looking for the details for starting the Patanjali franchise, this article will definitely act as a true guide.

Go through it and become a successful Patanjali franchise owner without any sort of hassle.

How Patanjali Ayurved Limited Started?

Patanjali Franchise

Patanjali Ayurved Limited was founded in 2006. It was founded by Acharya Balkrishna and the very famous yoga guru Ramdev Baba.

The only goal behind bringing this brand into being is the establishment of the science of Ayurveda. In compliance with the very advanced technology and wisdom from the historical era.

The headquarters and the manufacturing units are located in the industrial area of Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Patanjali Ayurved Limited’s registered office is situated in Delhi.

The CEO of the brand Acharya Balkrishna is the owner of the brand by 98.6%. As of March 2018, he made a net worth of Rs. 43932 crore which is approximately a little over 6.1 US dollars.

The Patanjali Food and Herbal Park got a full-time security protection system of 35 armed CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) commandos. This took place in 2016.

In the year 2017, this brand came out with its own caller tune song that has the slogan ‘Swadeshi swabhiman, rashtra seva ka abhiyan’. This song was composed by Vaibhav Saxena.

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What are the Available Products you get from Patanjali?

Patanjali manufactures an uncountable number of products. Toothpaste to soap, organic juices to digestive candies, shampoo to face wash, and what not?

It also produces poha, oats, Gulkand, rasgullas, hair oil, honey, ghee, and so on. The main thing is you can get all sorts of products that we need in our daily life.

Therefore, going for opening up a Patanjali franchise will actually be a profitable idea as it would attract a huge number of heads from different choice realms.

The Reason Why You Should Start a Patanjali Franchise

The first thing before you know why you should go for Patanjali Ayurved Limited, you must know how much profit did it make already.

  • In the financial year 2015, this company had a turnover of Rs. 2000 crores and in the next financial year, that is, FY16, it had a turnover of Rs. 5000 crores. This is one of the main reasons that attract thousands of businessmen to go for this brand.
  • This is one of those very few ayurvedic brands in India that actually touches the agrestic and also the built-up or urban citizens with the same enthusiasm.
  • It has not only attracted people from both the rural and urban hemispheres but also they have given a strong and positive response to it. People have said and they still say that Patanjali products are way more genuine than what they actually expected them to be.
  • Pankaj, the Department Head, India, Swadeshi Vibhag also made an announcement: “We plan to inaugurate 100 more megastores in the upcoming days throughout the whole nation.” This is something that you, as a franchisee, should definitely take a chance for.

This is because the upcoming mega stores are going to offer the right set of circumstances to the franchisees to own them and build a bright business career.

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Types of Patanjali Stores

At first, let me mention that there are three types of franchises that Patanjali Ayurved Limited offers people to own.

  • Gramodhyog Nyas
  • Patanjali Chikitsalaya and Arogya Kendra
  • Patanjali Mega Store

The prerequisites for a Patanjali franchise is totally based on the type of franchise you are going to own.

Requirements For Starting a Patanjali Franchise

Here we are dealing with the megastore portion. For starting the Patanjali franchise you need to keep the following nailed in your head.

  1. If you are about to open a Patanjali megastore, you need to have an area of at least 2000 sq. feet.
  2. You cannot just open a Patanjali store in any random place in the city. You have to choose a proper location where it is crowded and thus being a prime one.
  3. A city can have way more than one Patanjali megastore. In that case, you need to make sure that your franchise is at least 2.5 km away from an existing store. Well, this was for metro cities. For non-metro cities, the store must be at least 3.5 km away from an existing one.
  4. For documents, you need to give 5 passport size photos, proof of address, ID proof, location photographs, copy of sale registration, PAN, and a rent deed for the store.

Patanjali Franchise Starting Cost:

As I have mentioned above, starting the Patanjali franchise can be done both in a rural area and an urban area. It is a business and that is why investment is something that you know you have to make.

Well, Patanjali is a company that is expanding at a high speed throughout the nation for one big reason. That is less investment and more profit.

An average investment sum is mentioned here for both rural and urban mega stores. In order to open a rural store, the standard investment capital you have to make is around Rs. 50000.

Business in the city level will need up to 1 lakh and business at the state level will need up to 5 lakh. For opening a mega store the minimum capital that you have to invest is around 5 lakh rupees.

In the case of Arogya Kendra: the investment money is around 10 to 12 lakh rupees.

Contact Details of Patanjali Ayurved Limited

Patanjali has come up with several contact pathways that have made starting Patanjali franchise even easier.

This brand has its own website where you can get connected to them and know the details for opening a franchise.

You can also mail at [email protected]. Thus, the support team will take a bit of time to respond back to you.

You can get connected to them through their postal address.

Patanjali Food & Herbal Park,

Vill.- Padartha, P.O.- Dhanpura, Laksar Road, Haridwar – 249404.

Telephone number: 01334 – 240008.

Fax – 01334 – 265370.

Concluding Words

Patanjali Ayurveda is a very successful brand and has earned a huge profit right off the bat. It has been making a tremendous amount of profit since then.

So, you should understand that starting a Patanjali franchise in India will definitely make your business go wild.

There are thousands of stores in India and more megastores are about to open in the upcoming months. So, you should definitely grab the chance and apply for owning a franchise. Do not go for chemical-based products and make your body more unhealthy.

Be an environment-friendly citizen and let the other people go and pick up the same rule for their life.

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