15+ Profitable Recycling Business Ideas & Opportunity in 2020


15+ Recycle Business Ideas

Looking for recycling business ideas? If Yes, there the article for you. Recycling, the word itself is very tempting for environmentalists these days. It is very much necessary for us to understand the benefits of recycling. The melting glaciers, the random forest fires, shortage of water and the increasing normal temperature of the earth is in an alarming sign that we start recycling already. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the three R’s is the need of this hour. 

Are you familiar with the movie Wall-E released in 2008, which talks about a robot designed to clean the earth from scrap? The earth is no space where humans can live due to excessive waste and scrap. Are we trying to make it a reality? I hope not. Therefore it is very important that we start reusing and recycling the waste materials into something new.

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Have you ever thought of a business that is eco-friendly and profitable as well? If yes and you do not know where to start or what to do, we will help you through this article.

Things to remember before investing in recycling business ideas

First, of all, you need to pick out the type of scrap you wish to work on. Now that you have decided which type of scrap you want to work on, find out where these scraps are available. Now, before you start working, always do extensive research on what kinds of products you can make out of it. You should also locate where you can sell these recycled products. Lets, see below what are the items that we can recycle.

List of 15 Recycling Business Ideas To Try

With technology and using some of the traditional techniques that need minimum use of tools, waste can be recycled. Follow this article to know more about the recycling process.

1. Recycling of Plastic Waste

The most common and dangerous waste that is leading the world to destruction. Nearly 400-500 tons of plastic waste is generated every year. Only, 10-20% is recycled and the rest remains as it is.

You can earn and as well help in the reduction of plastic waste from the Earth’s surface. You can recycle plastic to plastic bottles, cal ns, buckets, polythene, etc. the PET, PVC and HDPE type of plastic can only be recycled. The rest can always be used to make adherents for road construction. Try to collect theses much s you can because if you will not use these, they will take the lives of thousands of sea creatures. The oceans recovering with plastic gradually and your business and environmentalist, have to take steps to create pollution-free earth for the next generations.

2. Recycle The Food Waste

Nearly 40% of food is thrown in the U.S and around 7 million tons of food is thrown in the U.K. the inevitable trash like the eggshells and the peels can be transformed into something useful. Try home composting to reduce the production of methane gas from these wastes. These water bodies materials n be collect by the cattle rearers and can be used to feed cattle.  You can bring these wastes and try to generate biogas which is highly demanded in the rural areas.

3. Water Recycling

The shortage of water is the greatest trigger for this process. Science is trying to find the best way to produce mineral water even from the wastewater from the bathrooms. You can set up a water recycling plant and treat waters from, ponds, rivers or even from homes. You can use methods like reverse osmosis, desalination, etc to produce fresh drinking water from wastewater. Pack theses water and sell it in the market and earn respect and profit both. This is the most successful recycling process.

4. Recycle The Tires

Tires are made from rubber, which is a mixture of carbon and nylon. If you burn these products they will produce a huge amount of harmful gas into the air. They take a long time to break down, therefore recycling them is the best option we can have. Later you can melt these tires to something new and you can sell them in the market.

5. Recycle The Paper

Paper is a recyclable product expert carbon paper, paper towels, and pizza boxes. There are different recycled products from different types of papers. Toppers with inks are taken differently and the inks are removed and then the paper is bleached. After all these processes are done, it forms a new product. You can make envelopes, paper plates, etc. This can be very common and profitable business ideas.

6. Recycle The Glass

The first step for recycling glass is to segregate it and then melt it. Keeping the quality and the requirement in mind, try to mold something from it. Crockery, glass for windows, furniture, etc are expensive glass and hence this should be your desired manufacturing product. This is a profitable business and you should consider giving it a try.

7. Recycle The Textile

First of all the quality of the product is determined and they are segregated. Then these pieces of clothes are broken into pieces. Then these fabrics are broken into threads. These threads are then made in different colors. These threads are used to make different textile materials. Nylon, georgette, polyester, etc are made out of these threads.

8. Recycle The Wood

Wood can also be recycled to different new products that are attractive and at the same time can give you a good profit percentage. If you can label these recyclable woods s “eco-friendly”, it will definitely bring you much more profit. Wood for recycling can be bought from different houses and from places where the houses and the furniture are being sold. These wood scraps can be used to make different wooden crafts and wooden furniture and many more.

9. Recycle Electronic Goods

This is a very profitable business and is a good way to use electronic items without throwing it away. Buying different electronic products and then repairing and assembling different parts and selling them will bring you huge profits. Products like mobile phones, laptops, UPS, computers, etc.

10. Recycle The Electrical Wire

You can always set up this particular business to earn these profits. After recycling the products you can select them to local markets. Manufacturing companies for electronic gadgets will surely welcome your products.

11. Recycle The Scrap Gold

You can recycle gold 100 times without changing its originality. Gold jewelers are always in demand in countries like India or the middle east. You can try to connect with these markets. The process involves remelting the gold, refining the gold, and remaking new designs. This does not diminish the purity of the gold.

12. Recycle The Aluminum

You can always earn profit through just the collection of cans and supply it to the big firms. The bottle of cold drinks or the soda or the energy drinks are generally packed in aluminum cans, collect these cans and sell them to the manufacturing units. These cans are then melted and reshaped again into cans. This is a profitable business idea if followed properly.

13. Resell The Old Appliances

It is something similar to selling computers or the mobile phone after you repair them. You can sell the used electronic god after repairing it. This type of business is generally termed as a recycling business. If your issues with the product, change the parts and it is important to yrs take get are about the quality. Try to deliver goods that are of good quality and will last long for the customers. Honesty is the best way to make more and long-term income.

14. Recycle the Sawdust

You can see after the wood is cut, ground, drilled and sanded you will see by-product, it is sawdust. Sawdust can be used for particleboard, defects on the woods, fuel, etc. sawdust recycling business is a great recycling business plan if you know the market and the demand for the product.

15. Recycle the Books

If you love reading, this is for you. Story binding old books and recycling them and make them readable gin. Old books need binding. Then sell the books at a minimum cost and earn some profit. In this way, you are doing Nobel and you can earn as well. Contact with secondhand book retailers and supply them with these books. The book resellers sometimes find books that are really costly, and if you ever manage to get these books to trust me you can make a good profit out of it.


So that was the list of recycling business ideas. Recycling is the business of the hour. It is our moral responsibility to keep the earth clean and if we can earn through it, do we need something else?

Therefore, it is very important that you do market research properly before investing in any recycling business ideas from the above. Find a suitable market for selling your product. The initiative you have taken is a heroic act.  We wish you all the best.

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