20 Best Retail Business Ideas with Low investment & high profit

Are you new to the retail business? Well, you are in the right place. There are several types of business which you can start from a small range investment to high range. Before choosing any retail business you should consider checking the market demand of the business also its competition around you. So here are 20 retail business ideas you can start right now.

                20 Best Retail Business ideas for you

20 best retail business ideas
20 best retail business ideas

1. Hardware Retailer Store

Hardware retail store is another popular retail business ideas on the list. The demand for hardware is always high and if there is no hardware store in your locality then you should really go for it.

In order to start your own hardware retail business first, you have to find a suitable place which can be rented or owned and then you can start off.

2. Organic Food Retailer

Nowadays people want more organic foods instead of packaged one. Thus organic retail food store has a good opportunity to stand out.

You can directly transport your organic foods from farms and make a good profit or find a local organic supplier before starting the business.

3. Sports Retailer Store

Sports items have really high demand and starting a sports retail business is highly profitable. You can sell sports accessories and other products like a bat, ball, gloves etc.

The margin of the sports items around 10%-15% depending on the company and other factors.

4. Cosmetic Retailer Store

The cosmetic store is another retail business ideas which you should try. Quality cosmetic products are always in demand and if you can supply good products to your customers then you can definitely make good money with it business

5. Customize Gift Shop

Gifts are always confusing thing when one has to choose it for someone special. If you have the skill to make custom gifts then this business is best for you.

The profit in the custom gift is very high and it and if you can stand out in this field then you can really make the huge amount of money with it.

6. Snacks and Sweet Shop

Snacks and sweet shops are a popular and highly consumable item in the world. The demand for sweets and snacks never goes down. If you are interested in opening a sweet and snacks retail store then you should first find the right place for your store.

The secret of succeeding in this business is to provide the best quality products to your customers.

7. Books and Stationary Store

Though fewer people read a book nowadays. But people still need stationery items. Opening a book and stationery store is a good idea if you like to be surrounded by books.

The margin percentage in books and stationery items are quite high and that’s the reason people go for this business even with high competition. You should consider opening your book and stationery store near a school, college or a tuition center for highest selling.

8. Electronic Store

An electronic retail store is another high-profit business idea which you can start. The key mantra to success in this business is to provide quality products at affordable price.

I have seen many electronics stores who earn 2-3 lakh months and in other hands, some earn 20,000-30,000 thousand hardly.

9. Beauty Product Retailer

Ladies are crazy about beauty products. Opening a beauty retail business is a profitable idea.

If you want to start your own beauty product retail business then you should consider your budget also your interest in the business.

Since it’s a grooming product, the demand never goes low. So the profit margin is quite good in this field

10. Leather Retailer

Leather retail is the most lucrative business which you can start. The demand for leather is really high and the market potential is very high.

There are many types of leather business like top grain leathers, fabric leather and so on.

11. Soft Drink Retailer

Soft drinks have very high demand all over the world and almost every age group like to have a glass of soft drink in festivals. Starting a soft drink retail store is really profitable.

12. Bakery Retailer

The bakery is another popular retail business ideas which you can start with medium investment. If you can cook delicious cakes and other goodies then bakery is the best business for you.

A bakery is an extremely profitable business but making is successful is sometimes challenging and if you are ready to face the difficulties then go ahead.

13. Fresh Juice Retailer

Fruit juice retail business is one of the fastest growing and highly profitable businesses nowadays. Starting a fruit juice retail does not require high investment or any special skills.

Fresh and organic juices are always in demand rather than package ones. So if you are thinking of retail business you should definitely try this.

14. Baby Product Store

Baby products retail store is another small yet powerful business plan. If you love babies then you should open a baby product store.

Before starting the business I would advise you to have some experience. You can simply work on a baby product store to gather up some experience which will definitely help you later.

15. Grocery Store

A grocery store is a very popular and simple retail business idea for everyone. The demand for grocery never goes down and it’s an evergreen business idea.

Opening a grocery store in your town can be highly profitable if there is less completion or no competition at all

16. Pharmacy Retailer

Pharmacy is another retail business idea with highest growth possibility. The business of pharmacy has really high demand all over the year. If you want to start pharmacy business then you should consider getting the license for it before jumping into the business.

Also, you will require some skilled labors for your store.

17 Bread Shop

Bread is the second largest food consumable product in the world. The demand for slices of bread is increasing very fast. Opening a bread retail store in your locality is a highly profitable business idea.

Initially, you can start it from a small store and gradually you can expand it to the next level.

18. Fruit Shop

Opening a fruit store is another profitable retail business ideas. Fruits have the highest profit margin compare to other vegetables. The demands of fresh fruits are always high and if you can supply fresh and organic fruits at a reasonable price then you can definitely make a good profit.

19. Mobile Phone Shop

Mobiles phones are now everyone’s need and opening a mobile store at the right time is a highly profitable business. Before starting your mobile store you should first finalize the place for your store also don’t forget to check the competition in the market.

The success of mobile phone retail store depends on the quality of product and after sale service also how you tackle your customers.

20. Pet Food Store

Pet food industry is growing very fast and if you love taking care of pets then you should definitely try this business. There are many people who take very good care of their pet and they like to buy various pet foods for their cute pets. High-grade quality pet foods have high demand all over the world.

So that was the top 20 retail business ideas which you can start with small or medium investment. If you think we missed out any idea please let us know by commenting down below.

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