List of Service Related Business Ideas of 2020

service business ideas

Looking for service related business ideas? If yes here’s the list. The fundamental structure of today’s modern world is standing on some pillars, the service industry is one of them. As the idea of modern civilization grows, crave for convenience reaches its peak. In Modern society, the service industry has become an unsupportable identity.

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The main advantage the service industry comes up with is its start from the scratch model. Other than this service-based business, an entrepreneur, a business enthusiast, with an excellent idea and execution model, often experiences a setback as capital starts playing the most important role. But in service Business, the act of assistance generates all the fragrance.

Here, for you, we present some freshly baked service Business ideas from several different Industries that will blow up your mind. Check them all to get the most refreshing idea suitable for you and kick start your own startup. Here we go.

1. Pet Care caravan

Pet care caravan is one of the most trending service business ideas that is getting appreciated and paid in the first place. Pets fulfill our family. We adore them a lot. Any hazard in their health sinks us in depression. Pets are entangled with our daily life and we can see the culture of keeping a pet is getting more adopted. The problem comes with the basic health care facility. We still lag the amount of pet health care centers that is where this pet care caravan service fills up the blank.

Basic treatment and pet care services such as grooming, nail treatment, vaccination are the most craving services that you can offer to your esteemed clients. In addition to that, if they are getting it at a doorstep, what could have been better? Besides, you will always get a chance to play with those super cute furballs. If you are a pet enthusiast and love spending time with them, this one would be the best service business that you can start up with.

2. Self Defence Instructor

This is sad but true, crime rates are not very moderate in city life, right? Morning newspapers give the most heartbreak. This is kind of true that smuggling, theft, and harassment are covering the newspaper pages every day. We definitely have faith in law but knowing how to protect yourself is the most essential learning these days.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and if you have professional certification regarding defense instruction, this may be one of the most interesting services that you can provide and earn a lot of money.

3. Personal Educator

There are five basic requirements for human civilization. Those are – Food, Dress, Home, Education, and Health. As we can see education is one of those most fundamental pillars of human civilization, we can easily depict its importance in society and we can also calculate the need for this education service is limitless.

Schooling, abacus will always be there but a kin need of a personal educator always remained there whenever we talked about personal guiding and enlightenment.

Besides being a noble profession, personal education service pays out a lot and you will always be under a ray of enlightenment.  This is one of a zero Investment Service business which in turn is on High demand.

4. Packing Unpacking and Moving

People come, People go. They shift their rented house. They shift their rented offices and have to take everything carriable with them, shift them to their new destination. There are lots of things. Some are big, some are tiny. It’s tough to move the huge ones and also tough to recollect the tiny ones. Besides, they are fragile. To move them all from one place to another place neither sounds easy nor easy to execute.

In this complex scenario, there come the packer and movers professionals. They take care of every single thing, be it tiny or massive. They pack them in one location and unpacks them at another location.

This one is a great service and always high in demand as this is something that professionals can only do. But to initiate this startup you will need at least a small team and transporter.

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5. Computer repairing Services

World wide web. The three Ws that have connected the world virtually from your home. And the access point is the computer. Once a computer is down, it becomes costly, in reference to time, to the professionals. Not only the computer the IT related service may extend to Laptops and Printers and routers and whatnot.

The target customer can be an individual client with a single computer or can be corporate with 500 pc to maintain and repair. If you are being a gadget freak, this profession is highly recommended for you. Showcase your gadget knowledge and help the client to grow their business reducing the downtime. Routing and Networking support along with customized software seamlessly designed for clients business will be a hot cake service that you can provide to.

6. Home Automation service

This is an era of smartness. Everything you see around them is already in a competition to get smarter than they were. Our Home sweet home is no longer behind the race. You come home and let Alexa know that you are home, it will open the door for you. Open the curtain for you also turn on the AC and set your favorite channel on TV.

Smart Homes are the next big things in terms of the real estate industry. Homes are getting smarter. Now they are managing the power consumption smartly. Taking care of your safety and security. Setting up your mood as you want it. According to experts, this particular field is going through the boom period. So if you are a smart home enthusiast and have a certificate of Electrical professional we will highly recommend you to check out this amazing service business Idea.

7. Interior Designing

Be it a 650 sq ft 2 BHK or 8500 Sq Ft mansion, designers will always garnish your home sweet home as you. In Today’s modern living we are striving to a lifestyle that is mostly necessity based. Urban livelihood doesn’t cater to more of a space for an individual. But we need to adjust every aspect of our lives over that space.

This is where Interior Designers and architects come into action. They, with their super visionary and unique design idea, deliver you every possible thing into your given space. The exterior outlook is no doubt the prime concern though interior designers need to take care of thousands of micro detailing to make your living experience more enriched.

If you are a student of architecture or you have a good knowledge regarding home decoration, give it a look. This will definitely be the best-craved service throughout the time.

8. Digital Marketing

Be it a fancy food stall or a product manufacturing industry, Marketing is the most important thing when it comes to business. You may be providing any service or making products, you need to make people know about your offerings.

Marketing a product was different before the globalization. Direct peer to peer marketing and demonstrative marketing was playing a huge role in this era. As soon as the internet era started, the marketing industry experienced a whole new platform and a global reach with a minimum costing. The concept of marketing got changed in the era of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is basically content, be it in any format, Audio, Visual, Audio Visual, Text, Picture, getting access to the internet to reach individuals. A little sense of creativity and a bit of understanding of the buyer’s pulse can make you achieve huge success in this field.

The payouts are huge and the demand is at a peak. Helping Business Leaders to grow their business will be the most effective service to be provided.

9. Photography

Memories are important. They complete us as we are now. People who are capable of framing these tiny droplets of time are doing the most fantastic thing in life. Photography is visual art that not only depicts the time frame but also carries a message from the time. Photography plays an important role in our life. Some are a memory. Some are knowledge and rest come as content. In this modern era, when capturing a moment has become the most important thing, photographers are following their passion which in turn becomes the most glamourous service profession.

There are lots and lots of fields to explore This is one of the best service-based business ideas on the list. This profession not only attracts glamour, but the payouts are also good too. So if you are a photography enthusiast, this would be a very smart choice for you.


The service industry is mainly based on personal relationships. Working in the service industry is like always working in a neckline where customer satisfaction is the most priority. The more happy individual clients are, the more prosperous you can expect in your business. This handful of service business ideas are well researched and handpicked for your most informative reference. I hope this works best for you.

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