20+Small Side Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2020

side business ideas

Looking for side business ideas? If yes, then this article is for you. It is always good to keep a side business along with your regular income. Side business will help you earn a profit only you can enjoy. It will also help you increase your monthly income. 

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Once you taste the sweetness of being the boss, you can never let go of it. Choosing the right niche is the primary target. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to find and work on something that you would love to do. 

What are the side business ideas?

There are many things that you can do as your side business. Don’t get confused with the huge variety of choices because we have picked 20 best side business ideas that will help you concentrate on something you might love to work on.

Check out below, we have prepared a list for your convenience. 

1) Start Your Blog

Blogging is a very easy way to earn a handsome payment. You can make money through blogging because of the presence of various supports given through digital media. Blog success is related to email subscriptions, blog sponsorships, affiliate marketing and many more. A good blog can be Separated into two parts (a) content (b) SEO. If your content is good and you have organic traffic, it is likely that your content will rank genuinely and the income will not slow down drastically. You can take the help of paid sponsors but that will not provide you organic traffic. Only good SEO can do that. Therefore you need to do good research before you with this plan.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process where you promote a product through your blog and in turn, when you make a sale, the manufacturer or the seller provides you a portion of the profit. Before entering into the affiliate marketing world you need to do good research on where you can find a good platform for affiliate marketing. There are thousands of platforms but you need to choose the trusted ones. There are various ways of affiliate marketing. Do good research before you take up this as your side business. 

3) Marketing On Instagram

Instagram marketing has become quite famous these days. Make an account and try to market it with various activities. It is best if you stick with a particular activity. Gather huge followers. When you have a certain number of followers, you will be approached by various companies related to your account activities. They will pay you for promoting their product. You can charge from $500 to $5000 depending on your fame. This is a good side business if you can do it. 

4) Graphic Designer 

Do you have a formal background in graphic design? This will absolutely help you get established in this field. You can even take an online course these days and earn a certificate. You can learn about design very easily. With easy to use adobe illustrator and availability of various youtube videos to guide you, it becomes very easy to learn to design. This is a growing field in online marketing. You can print quotes related to life, love and many more and sell them on various online shopping sites. 

5) Tax Consultant

If you are from this field and have expertise in consultation, this can be a good side business. People need to consult about various tax-related issues with some expert, you can be the one. Tax consultants charge quite a lot. 

6) Sell On eBay

Find out the item you want to stock up and sell on eBay. eBay provides a platform to salesman those who are interested in selling items online. You can start buying refurbished items and then sell them on eBay. There are some terms of service that you need to check before you sign a contract with eBay. 

7) Sell On Amazon

It is one of the most used online shopping applications. Amazon has hundreds of products for the buyers to choose from. You can sell anything you want. If you are going to start a new business then it is better that you do market research on the most searched and sold products on Amazon. Amazon also has their own policies of service. Read that carefully before you decide to sign a contract with Amazon. 

8) Rent Your Car

If you have a spare car at home, utilize it to earn some money. Car rentals will help you get enough passive income. Cars are rented on an hourly basis. Money is also collected on an hourly basis. Do not forget to insure your car. It is very important. Keep a track of the places your car is going to and that’s it.

9) Rent Your Garage Or Free Space

If you have enough space in your garage or you have a free space in your garden, rent the area. You can rent these areas for business purposes to other people. If you have an option to rent a room, you can rent them to caterers. Rent your free room or garage as storehouses. You will earn a good amount.

10) Rent Your Apartment

Do you have an unused apartment? Renting out your apartment is one of the best side business ideas. A rented apartment has various liabilities. Check all the rules and regulations set by your local government before renting the space. Check documents of your tenant before letting them in. 

11) Freelance Writer

Freelance is gaining popularity these days among many countries. Freelancers are well paid. You can become a freelance writer. You just need contact, a laptop, an internet connection, and patience. 

12) Resume Writer

Do your friends praise you for writing good resumes? Don’t wait to turn it into a profession. A resume is very important and there are many newbies who are struggling to find a good resume writer, you can help them. Make your profile Online and put up your good work, ask your clients to make reviews about your work. Good work is always praised and trust me once you set your base you won’t have to look back. 

13) Proofreader

Are you good at finding out silly mistakes or grammatical mistakes from long essays or write-ups? If yes, you should try working as a proofreader in your free time. Proofreaders are well paid and they are hired for various media houses. You can work as a freelance to enjoy your freedom while earning passively. 

14) Personal Trainer

You can become a personal trainer if you are a fitness freak. You will surely be able to take out some time for fitness. Personal trainers get handsomely paid depending on your popularity and the person you are about to train.

15) Yoga Instructor

If you have a studio, you can visit it during the morning and evening hours. Otherwise, you can keep employees who will run the studio. Yoga is a growing fitness activity everywhere. Provide meditation rooms also and see the number of members increase gradually. 

16) Guitar Teacher

After your 9-5 job, you can start your guitar lesson classes. It is one of the most played instruments. If you are masters at it spread some knowledge too!

17) Modeling

Do you have a desirable body and fashion sense that’s appreciable? Then, you should try modeling. You can either sign up for various agencies or become a freelance model.

18) Handmade Jewellery Maker

If making creative Jewelleries is your passion, turn it into your side profession. Handmade unique Jewellery is always in demand. You can charge money according to your time spent on making it and Materials required. 

19) Painting T-shirts

Custom made t-shirts are always in demand. You can either sell them on different online Shop sites or sell them physically setting up a store. 

20) Become A Counselor

You obviously need a certificate if you want to work part-time but if you want to operate on social media or digital media, you won’t need any certificates. If you are good at counseling others and can help provide relief from mental stress and agony, do not hesitate and do it. You will be doing good work by motivating people. Make a fan base online and start earning. Try to hit on the regular points of depression among youngsters. 

We have mentioned some of the handpicked side business ideas for your convenience. You can do good research on each of them and start doing what you liked the most. We wish you all the best!

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