50+ Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in India 2020

Are you searching for small business ideas in India?? If yes! Then you are in the right place. In this article, I have written about 50+ business ideas in India that you can start with low to medium capital investment. Starting own business is everyone’s dream and you can achieve it through smart work and proper planning.

As a beginner, I and you always think about investment but trust me a properly-written project of the business is more important than capital. Initially, it may seem a tremendous task but gradually you will learn how to manage it.

1#. What Are The Small Business Ideas in India?

1. Grocery Store

Small Business Ideas in India - Grocery Store

Starting a grocery store is an easy business idea for any individual.  Once you open your grocery store people will automatically come to your store and purchase grocery items.

2. Dairy Farming

Initially, you can start a dairy farming business with 3-5 cows. Later when you gain enough experience you can expand your business up to 15- 20 crows for more income. Proper knowledge of cow feeding and milking is required high required.

3. Recruitment Firms

small business ideas in India - Recruitment Firms

Tie up with companies and provide jobs to job seekers is the main object of the business. Basically, your job is to send the right candidate to the right company interview. Most recruitment firms get a monthly salary from the candidate once his selected for the job.

4. Maid Service

In the busy life metro cities, the demand for the maid is pretty high. With good communication skills, you can start a maid providing service. Starting a maid providing service locally doesn’t require any investment. Initially, you may have to meet new people every day to increase your manpower as well as the client base.

5. Mobile Repairing Shop

mobile repairing business

I have mentioned this business idea in my other post too because I know the market potential for mobile repairing business. Starting a mobile phone repairing business is pretty simple. A six-month training course will teach you everything about mobile repairing.

Take a shop in lease near the crowded area and start repairing. If you are not cheating your costumers then you can go far in the future.

6. Start Blogging

I know you will say how blogging for beginners? Well starting a blog isn’t that hard as it seems. If you can write about any niche (topic) then you can start blogging. And you will learn the technical stuff as you start going deeper into blogging.

Also, it’s not necessary to write in the English language. You can start writing in any language you are comfortable with. Gradually you will build a fan base and then you can monetize your blog and start earning money.

7. Mother Dairy Milk

With the small capital investment, you can start selling mother dairy milk. I have a friend who sells about 500 Liters (package) milk every day. The profit margin of mother dairy milk is: 1 liter = 90 paise to 1 rupee. Starting this business is pretty simple but growing it depends on your own strategy.

8. Catering Business

catering business

With good managing skills, you can start a catering business. The demand for good catering is always high. The most important is manpower in the catering business. If you are good at managing manpower you should start this business.

Initially, it may be hard to find client but gradually you will build a client base and popularity.

9. Marriage Bureau

Though it’s Tinder’s time people still go to the marriage bureau to find a suitable partner. Soft-speaking skill is very much needed in this business. There are two ways to do business 1) you can visit people’s homes and collect their bio-data 2) you can create a website for local businesses where people will upload their biodata.

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10. Wedding/Party Planner

Another business idea for the beginner is a wedding or party planning. The duty of a wedding planner is to arrange things accordingly. You have to manage the decoration of the hall, arranging tables, seats and other small things. If you think you are good at managing people and things then you should go for it.

11. School Transport Service

Parents nowadays don’t have enough time for their children. Starting school pick and drop service is a business opportunity for beginners. You can work privately or contact schools for their approval. Both ways are a highly profitable business.

12. Coaching Classes

Have expertise in any subject? If yes then you should definitely start your coaching classes. Initially, you can start teaching students at your home and gradually expand it. Later you can hire more teachers to increase revenue.

13. Photography


If you love taking pictures of almost everything then you should definitely try this business. There are many online portals where you can sell your photos or you can do wedding photography too. Starting the business may seem empty but trust me it has a good future if you are good at what you do.

14. Electronic Store

Opening an electric parts store is another small business ideas in India. It may require good investment but the returns are truly high. Electronic stuff like LED lights, fans, bulbs, electronic boards and many more things you can sell. Also, you can provide an engineer for the emergency purpose to increase your revenue.

15. Hair Salon

Styling and trimming beard hair is a new trend. Nowadays people tend to go to the salon more often than before. So, starting a hair salon is highly profitable business ideas for beginners. You can start a hair salon with small to medium investment. A good hairstylist is the success key in the salon business.

16. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti manufacturing is another business idea for a beginner. The demand for scented agarbatti is not only in Asia but all over the world. Initially, you can start agarbatti manufacturing business with low capital investment and gradually you can expand the business.

17. Mobile Fast Food Center

For beginners, starting a mobile fast food center is highly recommended because it doesn’t require a place to start the business. Mobile fast food is the fastest growing business because you can start it with low capital investment. If you are providing tasty food at an affordable price then no one can stop you!

18. Computer Repairing Services

Do you know that starting a computer repairing service business is another highly profitable business idea after mobile? The success of computer repairing business more depends on planning rather than technical stuff. Proper market research is highly required in this business. You have to understand who is dominating the industry and who is complaining about the services.

19. Noodles Making Business

Noodle is the most loved fast food item in the world. Starting a noodle manufacturing unit is simple and affordable. Also, it’s a highly profitable business idea for beginners. There are different types of noodles available in the market. Proper market research is highly recommended before starting the business.

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20. Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is another business idea for a beginner. Nowadays more celebrities and famous people joined social media but due to lack of time they hire a manager to handle their social media accounts. A social media manager’s duty is to create a unique post, replying to comments, etc.

21. Soft Drink Kiosk

A small soft drink kiosk is another business idea for beginners. Starting this business is pretty simple and affordable. By purchasing the soda kiosk machine from the manufacturing you can set up the business. The profit margin is almost double if you manage to open it in a crowded area like college, mall, etc.

22. Paper Cup Manufacturing

Initiating a paper cup manufacturing unit is another business idea for a beginner. You can start the business with small to medium scale investment. One paper cup unit can manufacture different sizes of paper cups along with coffee cups. Selecting the right machinery is very important in this business.

23. Babysitting Agency

Nowadays the demand for maid and babysitter is increasing rapidly because housewives are also working to support their family. In this type of demand, you should consider starting a maid and babysitting agency. All you have to do is to provide maid or babysitting service and you will earn via commissions.

24. Photocopy Shop

Opening a photocopy stop near govt. office, schools, and colleges are a highly profitable business idea. Also, the photocopy machine is quite affordable and easy to operate. Before starting the photocopy business it’s advisable to do research that how many photocopy shops are already present there to measure the competition

25. Pickles Making

Pickle making business is a home-based business that you can start with small capital investment. Initially, you should consider making pickles for your locality to get recognized. Once you start getting orders locally you can easily boost your business worldwide. Starting a pickle business is easy but you need to draw a proper marketing strategy to succeed.

26. Pawn Shop

A pawnbroker is a person who loans money for a period of time to people who brings valuable items with them. When the given time is over a pawnbroker can sell the valuable item to recover his money by interested as per rules.

27. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor

The beauty parlor is a profitable business idea to start today. Not only women but men also use beauty parlor very often. There are several factors contribute to the success of a beauty parlor like the location for your beauty parlor, package & pricing, cleanness and beauty product.

28. Used Car Dealership

With proper planning and medium investment, you can start this business. Buying good condition used cars and selling them to another client is a profitable business model.  Along with that, you can also start servicing cars to increase your revenue.

29. Start Bakery

The consumption of baked stuff has been increased by 200 percent in the last 3 years. If you are thinking to start a business then starting a bakery is highly profitable at this time. Before investing your money it’s important to understand how a bakery works. To get practical knowledge and experience you can visit a nearby bakery.

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30. Potato Chips Production

We love eating potato chips as a snack. The demand for good quality potato chips is very high and many big companies are doing the business. But you can start potato chips business on a small scale too. You can start potato chips making a business from home or you can set up a potato chip-making unit for a larger production. All machinery is easily available online or offline.

31. Ice –Cream Parlor

Starting an ice-cream parlor in your locality is another profitable business idea for a beginner. There are many branded franchises available in the market to choose from. With a small deposit, a branded franchise company will do almost everything for you. They will decorate your shop; provide you the brand name and supply of the products too. The profit margin is about 18-20 percent on sales.

32. T-Shirt Printing

Initiating t-shirt printing is very high profitable and requires low capital investment. Although, a proper marketing strategy is very much required to get success in the t-shirt printing business.

33. Breakfast Joint

Breakfast joint is another extremely profitable business idea. Starting a breakfast joint in the roadside area is a highly popular business around the world. Providing healthy and tasty food at an affordable price is the main object of the business.

34. Travel Agency

Starting a travel agency is a trendy business. A travel agent provides services including ticket booking, hotel booking, and other various facilities. It’s important to get gather knowledge and experience before starting your own travel agency.

35. Event Management

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary every event requires a good event management team. If you like to organize things accordingly then you should consider starting an event management business.

36. Dance / Music School

Dancing and music is a very big and versatile industry. Nowadays parents are also encouraging their children to pursue dance or music as a career. There are many platforms available for dance and music lovers. If you have knowledge and expertise in any of these fields then why not make it a business opportunity?

37. Drawing Academy

If you have expertise in this field you can easily start your own drawing academy. Initially, you can start teaching a few children at home and later if you feel comfortable you can expand the business. If you have a passion you can start this business along with your job too.

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38. Pet Care Business

Believe me or not, a pet caring business has huge market potential depending on your country. With a small startup cost, a pet care business can turn out to be a huge success. A pet care service includes his foods, health, walking and much more. Initially, you can start alone to minimize the startup cost and later you can add more people to expand your business.

39. Sport Shop

A sports shop is a lucrative small business ideas in India. There are many types of sports categories like football, cricket, hockey, etc. Selecting the right niche for your business is very important. You can do it by doing proper market research. Covering all pieces of equipment of one sport is very important to success in this business.

40. Vegetable Transport Business

Transporting vegetables direct from farms to market is another small business ideas in India.  All you have to do is purchase organic veggies from farmers and transport them to local wholesale distributors.

41. Papad Making Business

In Asian countries, papad is consumed as an appetizer. The papad making industry is very old which used to prepare papad via a manual process. But with new technology, the papad industry has taken a new turn. With a small startup cost, you can start a papad making business.

42. Paper Bag Making Business

Making eco- friendly paper bags is another business idea for beginners. Paper bags are now in trend because they come in various designs, shapes, and colors. One can start making a paper bag business with a moderate range of investment.

43. Electrical Repairing/ Maintenance

Starting an electrical repair and service business is another profitable business idea. If you have knowledge and experience in the electrical field you can do the work yourself otherwise you can hire a mechanic for the work.

44. Boutique Shop

Starting an overall boutique is a fun and creative business opportunity & ideas. In most ladies, I have seen a passion for opening a boutique shop. So, if you are a woman and looking for business ideas as a beginner then you should consider opening a boutique shop to express your creativity and personality.

45. Ladies Beauty Parlor

You can start a beauty parlor business on a small to big scale depending on your financial stats. The one-time investment may be high but the returns are awesome compared to investment.

You may have to hire certified beauticians to build customer trust and loyalty. Also, proper maintenance and hygiene is another important factor contributing to the success of a beauty parlor.

46. Paint Shop

Opening a paint shop is another profitable business ideas for beginners. You can start a paint shop with a medium range of investment. The location for your paint shop plays a very important role in the success of the business. It’s recommended to sell branded colors to reduce customer complaints.

47. Game Parlor

One of the quickest ways to make money is by opening a game parlor. The craze of online games has taken a new storm in recent years. By opening a game parlor in your locality you can actually make good money. This is another profitable business ideas & opportunity for beginners

48. Baby Diaper Manufacturing

The diaper manufacturing industry is lucrative and big. But an entrepreneur can start diaper manufacturing business on a small scale too. With a properly written plan, you can initiate diaper business easily.

49. Homemade Launch Service

A launch service business can be started from home as well as a franchise too. People left for office in the early morning and their mother or wives couldn’t manage to give them proper tiffin. Starting a homemade launch service business can solve the office tiffin problem and you will get good profit too.

50. Spice Powder Making

Buying whole spice from the market in wholesale rate and making a powder of it is another profitable business ideas for beginners. The business is absolutely risk-free and anyone can initiate it with small capital investment.

Conclusion:-   So this is the 50+ Small Business Ideas in India. In my opinion, starting any of the business from the above list of “50+ Small Business Ideas in India”  is profitable but before starting any business from the list I would recommend you to get practical knowledge and experience of the business.

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