110+ Best Small Business Ideas in India with Low investment 2020

Looking for Small Business Ideas? Nowadays the younger generation is usually running to seek out something new and particularly eager to become entrepreneurs. They have the power and energy which is the key for them to open the hidden doors to success

Many people have a misconception that starting a business is easy but it is not true. I have seen many small businesses failing within the span of one year. In this article, the small business ideas I have listed are mostly small business ideas that need small investment and mostly can be started from your home but sometimes you have to rent out a small apartment or shop.

small business ideas

Do your market research: For any business, whether it’s new or already established, conducting thorough market research plays a very important role in the success of a business. Proper market research will help you understand if your business idea has the market potential or you have simply chosen a wrong business model

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Planning: It doesn’t matter which small business ideas you like. It is very important to draw a proper plan for your business. You can’t simply start your business without a proper plan and execution strategy.

Table of Contents

Here is the list of 110+ small business ideas.

There are many reasons when someone decides to start own business. There are many small business ideas but I have selected these from my own experience and research.

Here’s are a few things you must consider before starting any business.

  • Firstly, your interest in the business
  • Secondly, how you are going to arrange finance?
  • Thirdly, licenses required for a particular business
  • Fourthly, who is your target customer?
  • Fifthly, what is your marketing strategy?

Here we come with 110+ best small business ideas with a low investment which may help you to explore something new

1. Freelance writer

If you have a strong grip in any language it could be English, French or Chinese language. Put it to use creating content for other business owners who are looking for awesome content. It has huge growth potential as an average freelance writer earns up to $40,000 monthly.

2. Blogging

blogging - small business ideas

Instead of writing for people you’d rather write for yourself, blogging can be very lucrative. Starting a blog is pretty simple; you just need a domain and hosting. Use your creative mind and put out quality content consistently and monetize it with Ad-sense to generate revenue.

3. Catering Services

Catering business requires essential management and cooking skills. You should also have some basic bookkeeping and customer service abilities. Also starting this business requires a food safety certification and a license. Once you get them you should be able to work as much or as little as you’d like.

4. Moving Services

Movers charge around 50-$100 per hour, so if you can purchase or lease a truck and hire few laborers. You could make about $200-300 for your services. Also, try to be friendly and careful while moving items.

5. Tax Consultant Services

If you have the right knowledge and background, you could offer your services to companies and individuals. For the normal person, the tax code is super confusing. Every year, tons of people take help to file their taxes. Instead of working for a company, you can start your own tax consulting services that surely more beneficial for you.

6. Resume Writer

We all know that an honest resume is the face of your career. So immediately providing professional resume writing services is in high demand.

If you know the tips and tricks to write an excellent resume or even anything similar, then you can sell your services to the millions of people that are looking for a breathtaking resume. You can start it as a part-time business then do it as full time once you found the growth opportunity.

7. Courier Services

Courier - Small Business Ideas

By foot, by bike or by car, a courier’s job is pretty simple. You just get a package from a person and deliver it to the targeted destinations. Barriers to entry are almost non-existent and you can start is easy.

8. Errand Service

Pick up groceries, dry cleaning, mail, and even pets from the groomer. Errand services are basically in their hay day. Jump in and take advantage of everyone being so busy.

9. SEO Expert

SEO is an important aspect of all businesses, sites, blogs, and digital marketers. If you are good at Search Engine optimization then go for this business. Also, you can even hire SEO experts to support your business. As a businessman, every entrepreneur wants to drive more traffic online so as an SEO expert you’ll begin your business

10. E-book Writing

If you are very passionate about writing books and novels then you can go for this profitable small business. You can sell your books on Amazon, your own website and other eBooks selling platforms.

11. Online Tutor

Online tutoring and consulting is a great business idea for making thousands of dollars online. To start tutoring and consulting business you just need a laptop and some excellent skills in a specific field.

There are various online tutoring platforms are available like Tutor.com, Skooli.com, etc

12. English Coaching Academy

If you are very good at the English language and grammar then you can go for an English coaching Academy business. Initially, you can start in a small room and then gradually expand it. Also, you can hire English teaching experts for your coaching academy

13. Electronic Repairing

If you know how to repair electronic gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, headsets, and laptops, etc then you can start this business. If you can establish this business then you can make a good income repairing small gadgets.

14. Toy Producing

Toy Production

After considering the demand for toys I can say that this industry has huge market potential. If you can invest in machinery and equipment such as drilling punching cutting equipment etc then you should start a toy-making business.

15. Mobile Garage Services

If you can afford good mechanics and a motorcycle then you can start a mobile garage service providing business in your city. Many stylish people want to modify their cars because they can afford it so opening an auto modification service is a good business idea to start

16. Driving School

This is an evergreen business because the number of cars is increasing day by day. Therefore, people want to learn how to drive cars. Initially, buy some used cars and hire a well-certified trainer who can teach car driving.

17. Sport Coaching

Sports coaching is a booming business opportunity. If you’re a professional in any kind of sport then you can start this business. Also becoming a professional sports coach may require registration and certificates.

18. Dance class

If you’re good at dancing then starting at dance class is a very good business with low investment. To start this creative business you just need a proper dancing stage and some arrangements to start this business

19. Courier Company

We all know that the courier business is one of the most successful and oldest businesses. This type of business is solely depending on the services and your behavior. So if you can manage this then go for it.

20. Used Products

Selling used products is a great idea for starting a small business with low capital investment. This is pretty simple all you need to do is buy old products, repair them then resell it on a new price.

21. Pet care

Getting paid for playing and caring for pets is so amazing, isn’t it? If you love pets then this business especially made for you. You need to take charge of taking care of pets.

22. Noodles Manufacturing

Noodles Manufacturing - Small Business Ideas

Yes, noodles, many times I have mentioned about this amazing business opportunity. You may not aware of the fact that the market potential of this product is huge and with its growing immensely.

Starting a noodle-making business is easy, you just need a small room to install your machinery like dough kneading, noodles making and steamer and you are ready to go.

Keep in mind that marketing plays a very crucial role in this business. If you don’t have a strong marketing strategy then you should focus on marketing otherwise you may also fail like many others.

23. Interior Decoration

This business is the best and evergreen business but you must have knowledge and skills of interior decoration, creativity, and convincing power. Only then you can start an interior decoration business.

24. Gardening Service

If you enjoy doing gardening and you have knowledge of seeding, fertilizer, soil, etc then this could be an opportunity for you. This may sound weird but many companies, schools, and colleges are looking for good guarding services for up keeping a space

25. Appliance Repair Service

If you have skills to repair household appliances like refrigerator, toaster, television, washing machine, etc then this business is made for you. Just purchase a tool kit and start promoting your services in the locality and eventually you will start getting calls from customers.

26. Security Agency

In this competitive market finding good security is difficult. As a young entrepreneur, you can grab the opportunity and start a security agency business. In this type of security agency, you need good manpower or a trained team.

27. Travel Agency

Starting a travel agency is another good small business idea because people want to relax and enjoy vacation freely. So starting a travel agency is a nice way to generate extra income.

28. Start a Book Store

A Book Store

Selling books could be educational, comics and life-changing or even evergreen is a great idea for starting a new business. In today’s modern age students and book lovers are always looking to purchase great books so starting a bookstore is a good business idea. Also, you can promote them online via various social media platforms to increase your revenue.

29. Lawn Care Company

If you have the basics knowledge of mowing, trimming, fertilizing and weed control. You can start this amazing business. All you need is equipment and a couple of workers to get started. Once your business starts kicking off and you started generating good revenue you can try expanding it

30. Cleaning Company

Are clean baseboards your thing? With just the cost of cleaning supplies, you can have your own company. Do a quality job and some companies can boast a million in revenue.

31. Child Care Services

Obviously, best for people who really enjoy kids and able to handle the drama of kids. But especially for those people who have some teaching experience are beneficial in this industry. You can start a babysitting service or even run a preschool right out of your home.

32. Start Online Store

People nowadays spent more time over the internet and you can sell almost everything online. Consider starting an eCommerce store because it’s now more profitable than anything else. Etsy is a free site to open a store. Actually, it’s an awesome side business idea. So if you’re crafty and trendy, give it a go.

33. Resell Products Online

This is a hot business opportunity right now. Folks are clearing clearance sales or buying overseas, and then they just resell everything on Amazon or eBay. The margins can be large or thin, depending on your product. So choose your products carefully and also check the market demand for the product.

34. House Painting Services

Homes and businesses need sprucing up every few years. Thus this creates an excellent business opportunity for youngsters. To start painting services all you need is equipment and a few experienced employees. The average painter makes about $37,000 annually. If you can manage your company well, you should make much more than that.

35. Dog Walker

Dog Walker - Small Business Ideas

A Pet Service or walker is another small business idea for you. It might not pay the big bucks. An average pet walker earns $10-$30 per walk depending on the location. But pet care services are always in demand. Build strong relationships for a steady income and do take care of adorable clients.

36. Start Bakery

Do you love cooking and baking? And always get compliments for you baking goods? Then you are the perfect candidate to bake cakes or sweets out of your kitchen. If you advertise properly you can run a successful bakery. It’s all about marketing yourself and products. Plus, you get to eat all the scraps.

37. Makeup Artist

Do you have the artist in you? If yes, this is an ideal business opportunity for you. For a creative outlet, you’ll get paid for your services. If you have cosmetology degrees then it would be a bonus for you. Depending on where you live and how often you work, most artists make between 25,000 and $48,000 thousand dollars annually.

38. Photographer

The demand for good photographers is increasing potentially. If you love taking photos and have experience in this field then you should consider starting a photographer service business, initially, your target should be family photos, events, weddings, and small parties.

You can earn hundreds of dollars in a couple of hours. Also, you can sell them online in various stock photography sites.

39. Car Washing Services

No experience necessary. Buy a location or provide doorstep services. Either way, you can bring in some good money. Cleaning just a few hours a day can bring in $5,000 to 8,000 monthly.

40. Coffee Cart

The coffee cart is another small profitable business idea. Open your own coffee cart on the street or a business center. No one wants to start their day without it. Even a small coffee cart has the profit margins of 50.

41. Furniture Refurbishes

If you’re good with your hands, you can sand, paint or stain your way to success. Purchase antiques or just garage sale pieces. Set up a Facebook page or just sell through local market places. This is also a wonderful side business to achieve success.

42. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Do you love to work out? Set up your own garage gym or join with an established location. The average full-time trainer makes about $50,000 annually. Later you can hire more trainers to expand the business size.

43. Dance or Music Teacher

Do you have expertise in dancing or music? Then use your years of learning and experience to teach others. Create a small studio in your home or provide door to door services. You can earn 40-$50,000 annually by giving classes from your home.

44. Home Tutor

It’s best for people who have expertise in studies. Pick a subject you have mastered and shared your expertise. A general tutor makes around 20-$45 per hour. But if you’re specialized and experienced, you can make up to $85 per hour.

45. Graphic Designer

Take your knowledge and experience out of the office and start freelancing from home. Almost one in five graphic designers is self-employed. Sites like Fiverr, Freelancer and, Upwork have a huge demand for a multimedia designer, web designer, logo designer, Flash designer, and photo editing artist.

46. Social Media Influencer

You can make money many through social media. It could be ad revenue, affiliate marketing or sponsorships if you can just get enough followers who trust you.

47. Author Writing

A book or eBook isn’t easy, but there’s no experience necessary, just a great story. If you are not comfortable writing then you can hire a freelancer to write your story. Sell at $5-$10 a copy and you can beat many competitors. If your story connects with users you’d even get a publisher.

48. Pool Cleaning Services

If you’ve ever maintained a pool before then it’s time to use up your prior experience. Brush up on your knowledge of cleaning and sell your services. To scale, you have to hire more people to help you in the business because your time is limited. But if you get the support you can definitely be successful in this industry.

49. Proofreader

Here’s another one for those English degrees. Individuals and companies can pay you to look over their content, especially if you’re bilingual. The average proofreaders typically earn between 21$ to 30$ per hour, but once you become an expert you can make up to $35 per hour.

50. Clothe Alterations

I know It’s one of the oldest business but still profitable if you have the right strategy. If you’ve got skills with a sewing machine and serge time to sell them and make money. Generate clients quickly by partnering with a dry cleaner or even a laundry service.

51. Translator

Translator service is always in demand. There are many businesses that hire people to translate their content for audiences around the world. Courthouses, hospitals, and schools also need them. Full-time translators can earn as much as $20 to $40 per hour depending on the language and expertise.

52. Food Truck

Food Truck - Small Business Ideas

The demand for a food truck is growing rapidly because it requires a much smaller investment than a restaurant. A food truck is the best way to showcase your specialty food expertise. Your initial investment can be as low as $55,000.The rest is up to your product and the marketing strategy of your brand.

53. Cooking Classes

Maybe you’re a great cook and sitting in your house doing nothing. This is time to get up and start giving cooking classes. If you have a large kitchen, you could hold classes in your home. Also, you can make cooking videos and upload them to online video sharing platforms. Once you build up your audience you can make a handsome income.

54. Ice-cream Stand

Ice-creams are everyone’s favorite. Every few years there is a new flavor ice-cream in the market but many still preferred homely ice-creams. So simple experiments and create your own brand and start selling them on a cart, a stand or store, pick what’s right for your area.

55. Digital Marketer

If you have knowledge about SEO, SEM, paid marketing then you can start a digital marketing company. You can work individually for smaller accounts and scale with demand. You should be able to bring in $100,000 annually if you gain experience.

56. App Development Services

With this digital era, almost every company seems to have an app. The market potential is huge with approximately 230 million Smartphone users in the United States only. Therefore, if you have coding skills and looking for small business ideas then you can quickly grab the opportunity.

Outsourced app developing services and makes money. An average developer in the United States can make up to six figures income.

57. Fitness Instructor

You will see that nowadays more people are getting toward fitness. Starting a fitness company is easy. Even from an apartment, you can build your clients. Yoga alone tends to stay on a six-foot by two-foot mat. Just find an angle and start it. Also, you can shoot videos for your clients.

58. Handyman

If you grew up fixing pipes, changing light switches and cutting moldings then becoming a handyman could be super profitable. You need to know or learn basic home repairing but if you’re reliable and friendly, people will pay you well.

59. Candy Shop

Yes, it is totally nostalgic. A yearning for yesteryear might be a prerequisite, but more seriously, whether it is just an online business or a storefront, you could make money selling all the candy you can’t get at the grocery store. Stay on top of trends and be the hot spot for all bridal, baby and birthday celebrations.

60. Computer Repair Shop

It’s a perfect business opportunity for computer savvy and expert troubleshooters. To start this business you can enroll yourself in a certificate program. It takes about six months to complete and a computer repairmen make about $50,000 per year. As your own boss, you could make more working full-time.

61. Clothing Boutique

Clothing Boutique - Small business ideas

If fashion’s your thing and you get a compliment for your fashion style and taste, you could open a small clothing store. The investment is higher than many of the small business ideas on this list. But get one location to thrive and you could expand from there.

62. Travel Planner

Do you know how to get the best deals on cars, flights, cruises or hotels? With basically nothing to buy but advertising materials and by specializing in certain locations or venues, you can get paid on the booking by chosen companies and not your client. The average travel planner makes about $50,000 a year

63. Private Investigator

Ever wanted to be a cop? Private investigators earn an average  $50,000 per year, so hop in your non-descript car and start following people, but not too closely

64. Home Care Provider

This is expected to be a booming industry with the aging population. The work is labor-intensive but can pay you very well. If you have degrees, you can become a nurse, therapist or social service provider. If not, you can provide personal care, homemaking or companion services.

65. Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is definitely a highly profitable business opportunity. There are different categories of poultry farming like egg farming, meat farming or hatching. All you need is a large yard. Chickens are relatively low-maintenance, so you can sell what you produce at farmer’s markets.

66. BeeKeeper

Now, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get stung a few times, but with the disappearance of bees, the warm fuzzies of helping balance it out. You can sell specialty honey, beeswax, even bee pollen. You can also rent your hideout for pollination services.

67. Fish Farmer

Do you have room for a pool? You probably have room for fish. Keeping up an enormous aquarium can be complicated, so permits and experience in engineering are preferred

68. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants take care of scheduling the day-to-day for their clients. This job is for people who are detail-oriented and won’t let things slip through the cracks. Virtual assistant work gives you’re the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. In the United States, a virtual assistant makes around $16 per hour.

69. Little Gift Store

Starting your own gift store is often considered one of the best small business ideas today. There’s a superb demand for wedding gifts, couple gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

70. Interior Designer

Interior Designer - Small Business Ideas

Today everyone wants to build their dream home so interior designing is on high demand. If you’ve creative skills then this one is the best business idea for you from the wide collection of best small business ideas

71. Wedding Planner

Matchmaker’s wedding is that the foremost special event for everyone’s life. So getting the proper match is extremely important. Being a matchmaker you’ll feel proud knowing that you simply bringing happiness someone’s life.

72. Coaching Classes

Are you a confident and honest teacher? Then, it is time to start out your own coaching class.

73. Stationery Shop

This is definitely a forever running because buying stationeries is a necessity. So starting a stationery shop is often an honest idea to start out with exploring the simplest small business ideas in India

74. Grocery Shop

Similar to stationeries, grocery is additionally a requirement to steer life. You’ll easily begin a grocery shop in your locality and start earning some good money. Also, a grocery is an evergreen business model that doesn’t require any marketing.

75. Mobile Food Stalls

This is a cheaper version of a food shop. Today everyone leads a quick life with a mobile food stall. It’s easy to start and requires quite low capital investment compared to other old food stalls. Also, it provides you the ability to roam freely to your customers. It will help people to enjoy delicious foods anytime anywhere

76. Mobile Shop

Mobile may be a must in today’s busy life. So starting a mobile recharging shop can assist you to insist on some good earnings with a little investment. You can start this business from almost anywhere and start earning additionally later you can rent a shop to boost up your revenue.

77. Jewelry Designer

Jewelry may be at an all-time demand and with increasing prices of gold.  If you are passionate as well as knowledgeable about jewel designing custom designs then jewelry making is a good option for you

78. Bookstore

If you are a bookworm like me then you can definitely relate this. The demand of a good book shop is huge. Starting a bookshop is easy and doesn’t require huge investments. Also, you can use digital marketing to promote your business. Additionally, an average of a book has a margin of 45%-60%. Book lovers would like to visit your store that and that might be your greatest achievement.

79. Yoga Institute

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is becoming popular nowadays. If you always get attention and compliments for your fitness regime then why not start teaching it? An average a yoga instructor gets about $10-$20 dollars per hour. Starting a yoga institute with a few good trainers would require a little investment but offer you big profits

80. Freelance Photography

At any event, good photography is very important to capture the sweet moments. If you are passionate about clicking photos you can start proving your services to small parties, weddings, shows, and other functions. Freelancers are on high demand and it is often a golden opportunity for you.

81. Used Computer Shop

Home or office computers are operated everywhere and the demand will increase with time. So why not start a used computer shop that is the smartest option among the simplest small business ideas.

82. Security Agency

Getting proper security would make life more beautiful. If you are interested and have some excellent ideas and you are ready to experiment then why not start a security or detective business.

83. Real Estate Consultant

Buying or selling a house is a standard thing today. Being a true realtor or consultant is very important to success in this industry. If you have knowledge of real estate properties then you should consider starting this business.

Initially start alone then gradually you can hire more professionals to assist you in this business. You’ll earn good money by providing proper services.

84. Travel Agent

Who doesn’t like to travel? A travel agency would be a killer idea if you’re confident enough to arrange tours officially. As a travel agent, you have to take care of things like the package you are providing, choosing the hottest destinations, legal matters, hotels, etc.

85. Babysitting

Babysitting is a grooming industry because today working moms are facing problems managing their babies. Handling babies are not a matter of joke so I would recommend you take a professional course from experts to understand the proper way to handle kids and how good it works.

86. Catering Business

People would always become foodie once you serve them lip-smacking dishes. A catering business can assist you to form a good profit if you have magic in your hands that make people fall in love with your food.

87. Xerox and Bookbinders

Students are always in search of Xerox and bookbinder shops. We all know that Xerox and bookbinder shops have huge demand if you can establish it near a school, college or government institution. Additionally, to start out a Xerox and bookbinder shops you need a few things to start your business.

88. Start a Gym


Both men and ladies today are always searching for a few workout sessions. Starting a modern gym with few advanced types of equipment may require investment but trust me it will give you double returns within a year.

Gyms are the simplest way to get good business in this situation but make sure you hire a professional trainer to gain the trust of your customers.

89. Freelance Work

You may be an internet designer, web developer or voice over artist you’ll easily start your freelancing business via online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Proving genuine content in the cheapest is the important meaning of the small business ideas.

90. Computer Training Institutes

Today, a computer is as important as education and in the coming days, its demand is going to increase continuously. Nowadays you will see that the parents became crazy about their kid’s basic to computer training and willing to spend any amount demanded by the institutions. So starting a computer institute with the right setup can be beneficial for you.

91. Game Parlor

A small game parlor for the new generation is a highly profitable business opportunity today. Basically people are crazy for exciting games. To succeed in this kind of business it’s very important to keep an eye on the latest and updated games to increase your revenue and customers.

92. Currier Agency

Today almost everyone is dependent upon courier agencies. Delivering personal items right to their addresses either you’ll merge your company with an existing one otherwise you can start your own.

93. HR Consultancy

Everyone today wants an honest job consultancy. A job consultancy is either tied up with companies or working individuals. In fact, an honest consultancy never charges from the candidate additionally they provide free training to their candidates. Once they get placement in a company the consultancy gets a small commission from the company for providing the right candidate without much struggle.

94. Advertisement Agency

This is another trendy and glorious small business idea that you can start. There are many small and big ad agencies working already. If you are interested in this field you can start working as an intern then gradually start your own advertisement company.

95. Food Shop

It’s an evergreen business and once you begin this you do not need to look back. A food shop makes some good arrangements for hungry people. In today field it’s easy to shop for fast foods and you’ll run your fast-food parlor getting huge profits

96. Beauty Parlor

Small Business Ideas

Nowadays people are taking care of themselves more than before thus the demand for beauty parlor has significantly increased in recent years.

This may sound capital intensive business but it’s not. Initially, you can provide beauty related services from your home and then gradually expand the business.

Also, you can sell some beauty products to your clients to boost up your revenue.

97. Saloon

Similarly, the saloon is another small business idea in India that is emerging rapidly. Earlier only females were conscious about their looks but time has changed.

Starting a gens saloon is highly profitable if you can see the future of the business. You can’t start a gent’s saloon unless you are very skilled or you can hire a professional for the job.

98. Ice-Cream Shop

Everyone means everyone loves to have ice-creams. Opening a small ice-cream stall is highly beneficial.

Starting an ice-cream business is easy. There are two ways, you can either go for any branded franchises or you can do a little experiment and make your own brand.

99. Sewing / Tailoring

This is one of the best business opportunities for housewives and ladies who are looking for home-based small business ideas.

If you have knowledge of sewing and tailoring you can start this business from your home. To start a sewing business all you need is a sewing machine and your skills.

100. Papad Manufacturing

Papad is another yet high potential small business idea on the list. The best part of the papad business is that you can start is from your terrace.

In India, most of the housewives have excellent skills of papad making. So if you from India then you should consider starting a papad manufacturing business.

101. Event Organizing

Organizing small events may seem easy but it’s not. If you have the mindset and ability to organize things accordingly then you should consider choosing this.

There are always many small and big events that are ongoing. Initially, you can join a running event organizing company and volunteer it to understand the industry and then launch your own.

102. Tiffin Services

If you are a woman or a housewife and looking for small business ideas then starting a Tiffin service business is the best opportunity for you.

Starting a Tiffin business is easy, you just have to prepare tasty homemade foods and service them to your customers. Initially, you can start from your kitchen and then gradually you can expand it by hiring more hands.

103. Soap Manufacturing

Soap Manufacturing - Small Business Ideas

Soap making is a small but powerful business opportunity. To start out you need to have the proper knowledge of soap manufacturing. Also, you have to find a suitable arrangement for your raw material.

Additionally, a strong marketing strategy is highly recommended to get success in this type of business. Soap making is the best small business ideas for young entrepreneurs

104. Party Planner

Party planning is another small business idea on the list. As a party planner, you are responsible for deciding the party theme, catering, venue, and other arrangements.

Initially, you can approach your family, friends and other people for free services to get practical experience and it will also help you to get other offers if you do it beautify.

105. Coffee Shop

You may laugh but not everyone can make satisfying and fluffy coffee. If you think you have the skill to make and present mouth-watering coffee then you should definitely go for it. A small coffee corner is always in demand.

106. Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment is the art of making something amazing out of olds. If you think you have the art within you then you can try out this business.

There are various refurbishment services in the market. You have to choose very carefully according to your interests and then start it.

107. House Painting Service

It’s a laborer business but it has huge market potential. In the United States, almost every day hundreds of houses get painted. So keeping this in mind starting a house painting business is highly profitable as well scalable.

Initially, you can start this business with few people and once you start getting more clients you can expand it by hiring more peoples. Also, you can start it with few items like a ladder, brush, color, safety glasses, sandpaper, etc.

108. Makeup Services

If you have experience in makeup or you have done some makeup course then you can use the knowledge to make money. Initially, just purchase a makeup kit and advertise your services to people.

For the advertisement, there are several free and paid methods available. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can also promote your service via various ads if your budget allows for paid marketing.

109. Phone Repairing

As you can see, almost everyone has a Smartphone and they often get damaged. So once the warranty is over they look for a smartphone repairing center who can do the job quickly as well as at affordable prices.

Starting a phone repairing business is easy. If you are a student and looking for small part-time business ideas then you can quickly grab this opportunity.

There are many small affordable courses available that teach smartphone repairing within few months. Enroll yourself to once and start servicing.

110. Mobile Car Wash

It’s a car washing service but with modern technology. Mobile car washing provides you the freedom to roam the city and provide your services. If you are good at your services and the prices are affordable. You can definitely become a success in this industry.


There are many other small business ideas but I have picked small business ideas according to capital investment. Before starting any business I highly recommend getting practical experience in the field to understand the basic needs of the industry.

Also, understanding the license agreement and other important factors are very important for any business. So, that was the list of small business ideas.  My best wishes to you (you can treat me sometimes)

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