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small scale business ideas

In a world of global brands, why do we need small scale business ideas? Who would take the risk to set them up? Who would be the customers?

These are a few questions that need to be answered before we make our list. Even though the world market is run by global brands, the following are the needs of small scale businesses:

  • Middle-class people and people belonging to even lower-income groups cannot afford branded items. However, the middle class in today’s world want products similar to branded products at lesser prices.
  • It is not always possible for people to access global brands at shopping malls and posh market areas; therefore they look for local small scale businesses that provide similar stuff.

Hence, it is still beneficial for customers and sellers to operate and purchase from small scale businesses.

List of 30 Small Scale Business Ideas

Here is a list of 30 chosen small scale business ideas that can do well in the market. Before we directly jump into the list I highly recommend you to understand the market first.

1. Personalized Gift Items

Making personalized gift items like couple t-shirts, photo frames coffee mugs, etc is an innovative small scale business idea. It can be done even alongside full-time jobs.

It is a low-cost business venture depending on the price of raw materials required. One needs a creative mind to do well in this business.

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2. Needle Embroidery

If one possesses the delicate skill of using needle and thread to make customized embroidery products, this is the perfect small scale business for them. It can use the “work from home” ideal.

Hand-made creative customized needle embroidery is in high demand. Unique designs have more appeal to customers than readymade ones. The business has good market potential.

3. Paper-Craft Business

small scale business ideas

It is one of the cost-effective creative small scale business ideas with decent market demand. To make paper-crafts one primarily needs paper pulp mixed with glue and other easily available cheap decorative materials like colors, polishes, etc.

As a young entrepreneur, you can make decorative flowers, wall hangings, pendants, bowls, etc from papercrafts. The items can be sold online via social media as well.

4. Customized Mobile Covers

Making customized mobile covers and other mobile accessories require low investment and almost certainly assures high returns.

People often want their favorite superheroes, athletes, singers, or movie stars, among other stuff on their customized mobile phone covers.

Not all are readily available in the market; therefore this is a small scale business idea in high demand.

5. Handmade Jewellery

Costume jewelry and junk jewelry are in fashion today, they are made from cheap raw materials. It is a low cost as well as low-risk small scale business venture.

The end product is in demand from not only women but also people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

6. Proofreading


The job of a proofreader is to read written copies sent by clients and rectify grammatical, spelling, and typing errors. Proofreaders earn well based on capability.

It can start as a small scale business but there is great scope for freelance proofreading. One can work with publishers, newspapers, and other companies that need scripts with perfect grammar.

7. Vocational Education

Many people seek vocational education courses on fine arts and performing arts. These include music, dance, theatre, art and crafts, and so on.

Vocational training helps in developing all-round personalities and is in high market demand. People with skills can offer their services without any investment. It is a good small scale business to go after.

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8. Culinary Training Sessions

If one knows the art of cooking innovative dishes and more importantly, presents them in aesthetically pleasing manners one can offer online or offline culinary training services.

Own recipes and some of the most popular cuisines presented in one’s own unique styles fetch good returns with negligible investments. Adding nutritional benefits of items used and other such detail will also increase the appeal of the business.

Hence it is a small scale business idea.

9. Web Designing

Almost all business organizations seek professional help to make their web pages look more attractive.

So, one can start the small scale business idea of becoming a web designer, for companies with the right set of web designing skills.

10. Internet Provider

There is a significant growth in demand for better and quicker internet throughout India. There are internet providers but they are not efficient enough, especially in rural parts of India where they cannot provide good internet connection or speed.

Therefore, this business venture has the perfect scope of progressing if executed properly. It is neither low-cost nor very high-cost but it will create a positive impact on Indian people besides making good money.

11. Stationery Shop

People always need stationery products, especially students. So having a shop with essential stationery materials like exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, tapes, and other such stuff is a good small scale business idea.

12. Photocopy Shop

One can opt for making a photocopy shop, especially near schools and colleges. The price of the XEROX machine is a bit high, but it is a one-time investment that yields exceptional profits.

Students of schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are always in need of photocopying notes given by educators. Therefore, this will be a small scale business in high demand.

13. Community Toy Store

There are kids in all communities. The number of kids is increasing due to population explosion especially in third world countries like India.

Therefore, opening a small to medium size toy store with a variety of toys is a good idea to cater to the needs of infants, toddlers, and bigger children.

14. Customized Bakery


There are demands of customers to make exact cake designs for birthdays and anniversaries. Often, the big branded bakeries and cake shops cannot cater to these detailed demands.

Therefore, opening a small customized bakery at a sensible location can be a good small scale business idea. Flavors, colors, and designs can be offered to customers exactly according to their needs for good prices.

15. Pickle Making Business

If one can make home-made pickles that can give competition to those available in the market, this is a good small scale business option to works with.

The market items are often hastily produced and lack quality. People who love pickle seek better qualities for higher prices. The success of this business depends on location, again.

16. Salon or Beauty Parlour

Salons or beauty parlors with high brand value often charge prices that cannot be afforded by middle-class people. Nonetheless, they too want stylish hairstyles and other beauty treatments.

So, it is a good idea to open a small scale business on this thought, where one can offer the same services for lesser prices. Such salons and beauty parlors run successfully in a community if maintained well.

17. Tiffin Service

Providing tiffin services for offices, especially in corporate sectors is a good small scale business idea. People working there often do not have time or people to make food for them.

This is where tiffin services act as a savior for many people having corporate jobs, especially those working in other cities, away from home. The demand for business makes it profitable.

18. Community Game Parlour

Opening game parlors at shopping malls is a high cost for businessmen and customers. Often, kids who want to play those games regularly, do not have the luxury to go there every day.

Setting up a community game parlor that offers the same games at lower prices will be profitable for the customers as well as the business person. Not only the kids, but their parents will be happy too.

19. Small Ice Cream and Juice Parlour

Ice Cream Shop

Designed and flavored ice creams and fruit juices from big brands are in high demand but less affordable for the middle class.

Hence, setting up similar stores in the community can help both parties due to reduced costs of buying and selling products. One must ensure fresh and good quality products to run this business successfully.

20. Babysitting Service Provider

One can open a center for providing babysitters to look after babies of working parents. People can also be employed who look after senior citizens and people with disabilities.

It is a decent small scale business idea with high returns but is risky as well. If the people employed are not good enough then the customers will not be pleased with these services.

21. Funeral Service Provider

The job of this business is to arrange for funeral services to perform the last rites and rituals for the deceased person, as per the requirements of relatives.

A more or less easy business idea to work with, as death is inevitable.

22. Soap Making Business

A very easy to do small scale business idea where one has to set up necessary equipment and work with easily available materials to manufacture soap.

The success of this business depends on how different and better the products are than the ones available in the market.

23. Aquarium Store

Many people keep fishes in aquariums at home. Other than fishes, the aquarium store needs to have fish food, aquarium cleaning materials, decorative materials, and other necessary stuff for maintaining aquariums at home.

It is a small scale business with a fairly large target audience, therefore ensuring good profits.

24. Incense Sticks

Scented incense sticks or “Agarbattis” are always in high demand. It is one of the lowest low-cost business ideas.

There are always good branded incense sticks available in markets, but people seek variety and if one’s new product is better than existing ones, very soon it will be in demand in this business.

25. Health Club

Providing Health Club services to a community is one of the most successful small scale business ideas in modern times. People do spend significant amounts to work on their fitness these days.

To ensure the success of this business, one must know which equipments to keep and where to open the gym.

26. Boat Ride Services

One needs to get a license for it first, but once that is done, this is a profitable small scale business idea. Boat ride services can be offered in parks and picnic spots for couples, friends, and families.

One must ensure sticking to safety protocols to do well in this business.

27. Photography

If one is good with photography, one can sell their services for weddings, birthdays, and other social events. It is highly profitable.

Having professional training and certificate certainly helps increase one’s demand as a photographer.

28. Matrimonial Service Provider

Arranging good matrimonial partners for people seeking arranged marriages is a decent small scale business idea. One needs to have good social connections and polite interaction skills to do well in this business.

Arranged marriages are always in demand in countries like India.

29. Broker Services

The job of the broker is to buy products from wholesalers and provide those to retailers. The profit is simply the mathematical difference between the cost price and selling price.

It is always a good business as new retailers will always need broker services to set up their business.

30. Spoken English Classes

If one is fluent in English, one can provide spoken English classes for people in need of it. Communication skills in English are necessary for engineers, corporate trainees, and other people who need spoken English training to maintain their jobs.

Therefore, it is a small scale business in high demand.

So, what do you think of these Small Scale Business Ideas? What would you add to the list?  Please mention in comments.

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