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If you live in a small town or in a village area and want to start your own business? I have some best business ideas for small town aka village areas. The business which I have discussed here are mostly easy to start and require low investment.

Though business in small town and villages can be big initially I’m sharing small investment business ideas also easy to start. So here are the top 25 high-profit small town business Ideas

            25 High-profit Small Town Business Ideas

25 High-profit Small Town Business Ideas

1. Candle Making

Candle making is one of the best and suitable business ideas for village area or small town. The manufacturing of candles doesn’t require much investment. As a small town area, the computation of candles is very high due to the low supply of electricity. Hence a candle making business is a good profitable idea for a small town

2. Agarbatti Making

The best thing with Agarbatti making business is that it’s a low-cost startup idea. The agarbatti making machine cost around 70 thousand to 1 lakh (fully automatic) which can produce around 10 to 15 kilos of agarbatti per hour. Agarbatti making machines are pretty small and do not require much space and also very easy to operate.

3. Vegetable Business

Selling fresh organic veggies is another small town business idea on our list. If you live in a village then this business is best for you. The demands of fresh organic vegetables are very high in the market and you can easily supply them. In order to start your vegetable business, you just have to collect the vegetables from the farmer and transport them to the nearest market and you can make good money like this.

4. Flowers Planting and Selling

If you love flowers then flowers planting and selling is the best business idea for a small town. Also, this business doesn’t require much investment to start. All you need is little knowledge on how flowers grow and the market potential of flowers and then bang!

5. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is an old method of business and the farm is divided into two parts – one is egg farming and another is the meat production. Before starting your poultry farm you should decide the type of poultry farm you would like to do. The poultry farming requires investment but it has huge profit scale. For a village and small town area, this business is best because of the availability of the land

6. Milk Production

Similar to poultry farming you can start milk producing business with medium to the high scale of investment. If you are new to this business then you should definitely take some training from agriculture department before jumping into the business. Milk has high demand throughout the year and the margin of milk production is also good.

7. Bakery

Starting a local bakery is another small town business idea for you. If you can cook yummy cakes and other items then you should definitely start your own bakery. My suggestion is before starting it you should always check other bakeries and the most selling product for some ideas for your bakery.

8. Grocery Store

The grocery store is the most common and safe business idea preferable by most of the elders. Due to the high demand for grocery items a grocery store never goes out of fashion. For a villager, you can start your own grocery store and make a good profit out of it

9. Electronic Repair Shop

Whether it’s a village or city everyone needs an electrician. Therefore opening an electronics shop is highly profitable for you also opening an electronic shop don’t require much investment. Initially, you can just start with a repairing toolkit and gradually you can expand it.

10. Book Shop

The bookshops are never out of fashion for book lovers. If you are a book lover then you should definitely start your own bookstore. At the start, you can buy and sell old books then gradually expand it according to demand. The bookshop has a margin of 40%-50% and if you are selling second-hand books you can make an almost double profit with it.

11. Small Medical Shop

A small medical shop is the next small town business ideas on our list. The medical business is one of the top businesses in the world. In order to start your medical shop, you will need an area for your store (15 square meters approx) and member staffs also you have to get a license from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization before starting your medical shop.

12. Fish farming

Fish farming could easily generate a good amount of money. Even if you are not a traditional fish farmer you can make a steady income from your home. The fish farming business is evergreen and the demand is increasing day by day. Before starting fish farming you should consider checking the continuous source of water, temperature, and other related stuff.

13. Goat Farming

Goat farming is the oldest method of making money. it farming has several benefits such as milk, meat etc. The goat farming doesn’t require much investment compare to other framings. In order to start goat farming, you should consider checking the farming area and food and water supply.

14. Phone Repairing

Phone repairing shop is now a very trendy business also it does not require much investment to start and almost everyone can do it. Day by day the uses of smartphones are increasing very fast. Therefore, starting a phone repairing shop in your village is highly profitable. In order to start phone repairing shop you just have to do a 6-month course of mobile repairing then you are ready to go.

15. Cosmetic Shop

Small cosmetic shop in your village is another small investment and high-profit business idea. Cosmetic shops are very popular in ladies and starting a cosmetic shop doesn’t require any skills. If you are women this cosmetic shop is the best business idea for you.

16. Salon Shop

Opening a Salon is another very fast growing business idea. You do know that an average salon makes 1-2 lakhs per month? The demand for salon increase in the festival times and them often charge high due to more visitors on their shop. Starting a salon in your village is a good business idea with low-cost investment.

17. Disposable Paper Cup Making

For Village and small town areas, paper cup making business is very easy to start. Paper cup business is highly profitable and since you are in a village area the competition should be less too. In order to start, you just have to buy a paper cup making machine also you will require a place to set the machines. Gradually you can increase your machines as per costumers demand.

18. Sauce Making

Another small town business idea is sauce making. These are several types of sauces which you can make and then supply to locals and make money.  The sauce making business is a low-cost business and anyone with little knowledge can start the business.

19. Spice Powder Making

Spice powder making is a very old and stable business idea. The demand for spice never goes down and it’s an evergreen business idea. In order to start your own spice powder making business, you will require a place for your set up and powder making machine which cost approx 60,000-100000 rupees.

20. Drinking Water Bottle Business

Manufacturing drinking water bottle is another fastest growing business in India. The project can be started from medium to large scale range. The profit range of 30% to 40% depends on your marketing and transporting strategy.

21. Mobile Recharge Shop

Mobile recharge shop is another small town business ideas on our list. The mobile recharge shop has very high demand all the time. Before opening your shop you should consider your budget and then you can decide how far you want to go with your shop. The mobile recharge shop is very easy and also can be opened with low to medium range of investment.

22. Flour Producing Mill

Flour producing mill is another small town business ideas. The flour producing is an old business model but still, it has the high-profit capacity. The investment cost to start a flour producing business is small to medium and you don’t need any special skill to start it.

23. Photocopy Shop (Xerox)

Photocopy shop is a low-cost business idea which everyone can start. In order to start photocopy business, all you need is a Xerox machine which cost approx 55,000 rupees and a small shop for your machine and you are ready to go!

24. Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry is another small-scale business idea for village and towns. Custom made jewelry are always in demand because of their low-cost value. You can make your own designer jewelry or you can sell others product in your area and earn well with it

25. Tailoring Business

Tailoring business is one of the old yet most popular small town business ideas in India. The investment in tailoring business is very small but you require skills to start the business. If you work smart you can make around 2,000 to 5,000 a day.

Conclusion:– So these are the top 25 High-profit Small Town Business Ideas which you can start from a small town or village areas. The success of small-town businesses widely depends on the population, demand and the supply of the product as well as on the various other factors.

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