How to Start Soft Drink Business – 42,000 monthly

The soft drink also knows as the cold drink is the most successful business in the summer season. In this article, I’ll tell you how to start soft drink business in detail. After reading this article you will get an idea of almost everything about soda soft drink business.

How to Start Soft Drink Business – Best business plan

Soft drinks are very popular in India and almost everyone loves to drink them. But most of the bottle cold drinks are really expensive compared to the soda one. The demand for soda cold drinks is very high in the summer seasons. If you are thinking to start your own soda cold drink business then you should always prepare before the arrival of the summer season.

Investment in Soft Drink Business – Soda soft drink

The core investment in this business is the soda soft drink machine. After soda soft drink machine the next investment is raw materials which require in producing the soft drink. The ingredients requirement of soda soft drinks is down below.

Raw materials:

  • Gas Cylinder
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Flavors
  • Paper Cups (Glasses)
About the Soda Soft Drink Machine & place

There are many types of Soda soft drink machine in the market. Mostly the machines are divided into flavors and juice parts like 10+2 means 10 soda flavor and 2 juice flavors, 8+2 mean 8 soda flavors and 2 juice flavors and so on. The price rate of machines depends on the type and capacity. The 8 +2 soda machine cost approx 1.6 lakh rupee and so on.  You can check the actual price of the soda machine at

Before purchasing the machine don’t forget to ask if they are providing initial support and raw materials or not. There are many companies who provide initial raw materials for free and also support you to install the machine.

The soda soft drink machine can be set up in 200 – 400 Sq fit area which you can take in rent (about 10,000/month)

Investment Vs Profit Margin

The highest selling soft drink glass cost 5 rupees to 10 rupees which have almost 50% to 60% of profit margin. If you can sell around 500 glasses of rupees 5 then you can make around 1250 rupee to 1400 rupee per day which is almost 37,500 – 42,000 per month.

                                       Project Report of 5*300 glasses

How to Start Soft Drink Business – Best business plan

The best place to set soda soft drink machines is near schools, colleges, malls, and other crowded areas. Always try to set your business near a running area. Small towns and cities are the most targeted place for selling soda soft/cold drinks because they do not care much about branding and companies.

License maybe required

  • Brand Registration (optional)
  • FSSAI Registration
  • GST No.

The above-mentioned license may be required in some case. It is always advised to get all information before starting the business

Final Word:  Soda cold drink business is the most profitable business idea for India. If you want to start your own business with small to medium cape investment then you soda soft drink business is really good.

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