20+ Small Startup Business Ideas & Opportunities 2020

20+ startup business ideas

Looking for startup business ideas? If yes, read the article. Youngsters these days are trying to give up a routine flow of money and start something that belongs to their own. Every day hundreds of new startup business ideas are coming to the surface. These people who are into start-ups don’t want to waste their life doing the same boring activities their ancestors did. They want to take risks and explore what more could be done to live. The new generation doesn’t want to retire at the age where everyone else wishes to. They just want to go on with life exploring every new dimension.

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Let’s see what are the different kinds of startup business ideas that you can consider doing. We have picked our favorite 20+ Startup business ideas. Check out what we have for you.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can start your start-up career with affiliate marketing and then spread your branches to other digital marketing streams. Affiliate marketing is simply a process of promoting someone else’s product via your blog or article. Establishing your business through affiliate marketing is easy when you already have a blog, or a product reviewing website. It will become easy for you to grab your buyers’ base easily.

2. Website Developer

Every small to giant companies has their own websites. It’s simple because we are marching towards a digital world where everyone wants to connect digitally. If you are short of money, you can start using free website providers like WordPress or Google. Then gradually you can buy a domain name.

3. Graphic Designer

You won’t have to go wait for your call if you are good at what you do. You can provide a range of services from graphic designing to website development and earn well. Become a freelance graphic designer and make your own fate.

4. Resume Writer

A resume earns quite good because you are always welcomed by youngsters. A student when becomes a graduate will need a resume to apply for various jobs. It becomes impossible for them to understand what the industry wants. But with your professional help, you can boost confidence in them. Set up your profile online mentioning your expertise and services and bang on, start earning huge.

5. Tour Guide

Do you know the proper history of your locality? If yes, give tour-guiding a try. You will definitely succeed in this. You will have to study a lot of books about your locality to help tourists learn about your locality. If you succeed in your locality give a try with other areas too. A cheerful, happy, knowledgeable tour guide is the most desirable one for the tourists.

6. Fitness Studio Owner

If you are a fitness freak and also want to enrich others you can start a fitness studio. Kickboxing, gymnasiums, yoga, Crossfit, Zumba and many more. You can appoint nutritionists to help your fitness studio members. A fitness studio will never lack memberships.

7. Interior Designer

Everyone loves a home that is well decorated. Not everyone has the correct sense of color or decorations. That is when you need an expert who can help you do the right thing for your loving home. Interior designers help you wall colors, furniture, lightings and decorations to give your home a unique look. Put up your best works online and start making people’s dream homes come true.

8. Open A Hair Studio

Hair studios make the most of the money. You need a good location and some employees with expertise. Well, studios like this need a lot of investment. You have to make sure your studio has the facility for car parking too. You need to get a certificate from a well-known brand for recognition of your studio. Check the licenses necessary in your locality and you are ready to go.

9. Open A Massage Parlour

Everybody loves body massages. After a tiring week. If you get a body massage, won’t you feel heaven on earth? Yes, imagine the amount of money you are going to make on weekends. The employees should follow strict rules if you are opening a massage parlor. Check all the licenses required and then set sail.

10. Translator

If you know any language other than your mother tongue you can easily get a translator job. Translators are required at government offices largely. You can also start your own tuition class where you will teach foreign students to help them communicate. You can also become a personal translator for a foreigner. They get paid well.

11. Motivational Speaker

If you already have a fan base who listens to your way of life, then you can try this. If you have motivational powers that can change someone’s life, you really need to do this. Add humor and make tough choices easier for them. If you can motivate someone to do something good, imagine the amount of happiness you are going to receive.

12. Handyman

Do you have fixing capabilities? Are you the only one always invited to fix things? Then you can sure open a business. Post this on social media, market your skills and fix an amount according to your time and gravity of the work.

13. Become A Yoga Instructor

Yoga is one of the most famous forms of exercise everyone is taking up these days to stay fit from body and mind. Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand. It is the most basic form that helps keep you fit.

14. Influencer

The Internet is taking over the real world slowly. Influencers are persons who have a strong fan base who can influence and motivate a large mass to do something. You can be a fashion influencer, makeup influencer and many more. Influencers make good money from their blog and now adding up the affiliate marketing, free products to review, etc helps them earn in cash and kind.

15. Sell Products On Amazon

If you want to start an online business with your desired product you should choose Amazon as the platform. Amazon has their own system. Learn the terms of service properly and then decide anything. Make online research for popular products and start stocking up to sell them on Amazon. Check all the legal grounds before joining Amazon as a product supplier.

16. Handmade Jewelleries

A creative mind never sleeps an empty stomach. If you know how to utilize your talent. People love something that is unique and also hands made.

Hand-made items are costly compared to machine-made products. Therefore you have a chance to charge a good amount against each product you sell. You can join online sites like Amazon, easy to sell your product. You can also set up your own store and selling site.

17. Handcrafted Soaps

We all love something that is handcrafted because it contains fewer chemicals and is organic. These handmade soaps generally contain no chemicals and they are costly. You can mix essential oils or flowers to make your soaps. The package should be eco-friendly. You can sell them directly through networking or you can sell them online.

18. Sell Hosiery Items

These items will never go out of use. Try to stock up different varieties of products and give your customers a varied choice of designs and colors. The unisex hosiery item store will be much more profitable.

19. Sell Toys

Toys are always in demand. You can always gift toys to children. You can also open a themed toy store but that will be a bit costly. Theme toy stores like Marvel have their own line of toys. Cars, helicopters, barbie houses, legos, building blocks, etc are generally found at the toy stores.

20. Automated Housing

Automation is taking over the world. Nobody wants to operate lights or open doors with their hands if you can use commands to do it. Home automation services make sure you enjoy your home stays comfortable. You can even make sure your home is safe with just a touch on your cell phone. Everything will be connected to your mobile. Different dimming lights, a voice command to open doors, a voice command to open curtains or light on the AC are few features home automation provides you. You can set up a website to showcase your work and get appointments.


This article is basically written to help you sort out your startup business ideas. If you find your niche here, start researching on it. Establish your business and make your fortune. We wish you all the best for your business!

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