How to Start Subway Franchise in India | Cost, Profit & Eligibility

Subway Franchise

Want to start a subway franchise in India? India is already one of the most or you can say the most diversified country in the world. So, definitely food items come under this parameter as well.

Indian country foods are already something that has gained a lot of fame all over the planet. And, now, the international restaurants are opening up a number of franchises in India.

Since Indians are already hardcore food lovers, they are now even more excited to see so many international food brands are opening up their outlets in the urban regions.

People from the cities in this country have a habit of eating outside and international restaurant outlets have shown them a very new way to celebrate their appetites.

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Subway Franchise Profitable in India?

This article basically deals with the stuff that one needs to do or need to have in order to open a Subway franchise in India. The company Subway is actually the largest submarine sandwich line in the world.

This brand has around 45000 outlets in various places around the world. Even the company has planned to sell more franchises and open more outlets in many more places on a global scale.

This is a brand that makes food that is actually healthy and nutritious foods that a whole family can enjoy on the weekends or weekdays. Among the top food brands around the world, Subway lies among the top 5s.

So, you know that Subway has already gained popularity among global populations. Now, it has also started to do the same in India. So, let’s find out how to start the Subway franchise in India.

About Subway Franchise

This amazing brand started its journey in 1965. A man named Fred Deluca borrowed $1000 from his friend Peter Buck. This was for funding the inauguration of a sandwich shop that was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut known as Pete’s Super Submarines.

After a year they both built up a holding company in order to enlarge their restaurant business named Doctor’s Associates. The name was such because it was Deluca’s wish to make enough off the restaurant in order to pay his fees for medical school.

When it was 1968, they both decided to change the name to Subway. In 1978, the first Subway opened on the West Coast in Fresno, California. It reached on an international level after a Subway outlet opened outside the US in 1984 in Bahrain.

So, this makes one thing clear and that is Subway got fame quite fast. Fred Deluca was the CEO of the brand until 2015. He passed away in 2015 due to leukemia and gave his ‘throne’ to Suzanne Greco.

This brand has changed its logo four times. The latest one was brought in 2016 that shows the original logo just with more curves and the colors yellow and green for ‘Sub’ and ‘way’ respectively.

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Why Should You Choose Subway?

Well, you already know that Subway is the biggest and the most renowned restaurant line on the whole planet.

Subway franchises do not only give you an opportunity to start up a business. But, also, it helps you to start it with a very low investment much unlike other popular restaurant chains.

Thus, this is something that will definitely attract the young generations who want to start up a career with the business. As the young ones are the pillars of the future, it is definitely something to go for.

Also, do you know that Subway is also proven to be number one in providing services to the customers, and also it is the first rank holder in the realm of healthy foods?

In spite of being so popular already, it promotes itself through national and regional advertising which makes the company reach more and more people day by day.

Before you own a franchise and have staff members in it, the company will take you through a complete training session in order to know the rules and the techniques to run the outlet. So, hurry and get connected with the company and know-how to start the Subway franchise in India.

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Eligibility Criteria

In order to own a Subway franchise in India, you need to keep the following things in your head well.

  1. You need to carry an owner spirit inside you
  2. You have to know how to work with people with joy
  3. A strong commitment to run a business is very much required
  4. You should hold the potential to learn new things every time to accomplish a brand new challenge.

Do you know that even there are a bunch of people who were initially customers of the restaurant who have become successful owners of Subway franchises? This is because they had a dream to fulfill and eligibility as well.

Subway Franchise Investment Cost in India:

If you are aspiring to become a Subway franchise owner, then you should hold the authority of the following things.

  1. The initial franchise payment
  2. Finding out a proper location for your restaurant
  3. Developments and tools for the holding of property by lease
  4. Getting employees for your franchise
  5. Payment of 8% royalty to the company along with the payment in order to promote the franchise through advertisement

Every Subway franchise in the world has to make a payment of 12.5% per week. Here, 8% move directly toward the franchise royalties and the rest 4.5% go for the advertising part.

The total investment that you need to make for opening a Subway outlet can vary from Rs. 6098000 to Rs. 1979400. This amount is including the initial franchise fee of Rs. 650000.

Selecting Location

If you are owning a big restaurant franchise one thing that you should be very careful about is the location of your restaurant. Speaking of location, traditional and nontraditional locations are there for Subway franchises.

Now, you need to know what these two locations mean.

  1. Traditional location is the one that you will easily find in a big shopping mall or a side of the main street. These are the usual places we find or expect to find a restaurant like Subway.
  2. A nontraditional location means an organization, an institute, or a government building like an airport, a hospital, a bus stop, an educational institution, or any other building assigned for any other business purposes.

The company itself will provide you with the blueprints from their own Store Design team as well as approved contractors who came in the use of other company owners in the same area.

Be that as it may,  you can also be responsible for hiring a trustworthy contractor to build your Subway franchise outlet location.

Training Facilities in Subway Franchise

Subway provides training to people throughout the year. There are a large number of training centers located all around the world. The main training institute is located in Milford, Connecticut.

The training center that you will get is totally depending upon the location where you are opening a franchise and your language preference.

Contact Details

Here is the complete contact information if you are looking for how to start the Subway franchise in India.

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.

B 11/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II

New Delhi – 110020

Telephone – 011 41754035, 011 41708082.

There is also a website through which you will be able to get in touch with Subway for owning a franchise outlet:


So, that was all about how to start the Subway franchise in India. There are nearly 45000 Subway franchises all over the world. At present, India has 591 subway restaurants in 68 different Indian cities.

There are more Subway outlets that are to be opened soon in the country. Because the business was all about one restaurant and look at it now.

It is the biggest restaurant chain on the planet and it is still growing and spreading its tentacles. So, you can do it as well.

Start your own business with a small investment and start making a bunch of explosive profits every month. I wish you a spicy and delicious success.

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