18 Legitimate Survey Sites That Pays in 2020 | Earn $100-$150 Daily

Are you looking for the best paid survey sites for 2020? Then this article is for you. I just want to make it clear that this is a general top list, the exact best survey sites depend a lot on the country you live in. But this is a great place to start and it will show you the overall best survey opportunities for 2020.

Survey sites won’t make you rich but it’s good for site income mostly if you are a student or just broke. I have been testing many survey sites and found that most of them are scam and don’t pay their users at all. After spending a couple of years in research I found some legit survey sites that actually pay.

List of Legit Survey Sites in 2020

Are you ready to make money at home by sharing your opinion? So here is the list of survey sites that are genuine and pays the money through PayPal as well.

1. Swagbucks

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If you have ever heard about paid surveys or Get-Paid-To sites before, you probably heard of Swagbucks. And that is because Swagbucks is one of the biggest Get-Paid-To sites and for quite good reasons in my opinion.

Because it does give quite a lot of different ways to earn, not just taking surveys, you can also watch the videos, you can make offers, you can actually get some really great cashback offers, if you ever shop online, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

You just need to be aware that you cannot join from all countries. It is available in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, and Germany. it is definitely a site worth checking out.

2. YSense


YSense is a Get-Paid-To site that actually used to be called ClixSense, so if you have taken surveys or done other online micro-tasks before, you have maybe heard about ClixSense, but the site has renamed itself to YSense.

A lot of the things are still the same, you can still earn by taking surveys, you can take cash offers, micro tasks and there is a daily activity bonus that you get when you have a certain activity on a given day. And it is still also available worldwide, so you can join no matter where you live, which is of course great.

Sometimes it can take a little bit of patience to find the surveys you actually qualify for, if that’s the case or if you live in a country where it’s difficult to find the available surveys on YSense, and then use some of the other earning methods because they’re actually quite good as well.

The payout threshold is only $5 if you want to get paid through Amazon gift cards, but you can also get paid in cash through PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer and a few other gift cards.

3. Toluna

Toluna is not only a great survey site. It also has a survey app, so it makes it very easy to take paid surveys on the go if you like doing that. Toluna gives quite a lot of user-friendly surveys with decent rewards, so definitely a survey site worth checking out. And it is available in quite a lot of countries so that makes it very user-friendly, that you actually take surveys in your own language.

How you can then get paid, that does depend on your country. The threshold is around $10, but for some rewards, if you choose to get paid through gift cards or products, which they usually also offer, then the threshold is sometimes a little bit different.

4. PrizeRebel

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Prize Rebel is a survey and Get-Paid-To site that I’ve actually had a lot of success with myself also. And you can earn by not just taking surveys, you can also take offers and do micro tasks here. And the great thing is that the more active you are the more benefits you actually get on this site also.

Additionally, it has great payout methods, you can get paid out already when you have earned $5 through PayPal or choose between many different gift cards. You can join and find some ways to earn here no matter where you actually live. So if you are looking for a survey site then this worth checking out.

5. PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is mostly good to join if you live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia. If you live in one of these countries it’s definitely a survey site worth checking out, mainly because it has a very short survey, and once you have actually been offered a survey, you are sure that you will actually be able to complete and get rewarded for it.

So it’s definitely user-friendly like that. And the payout threshold is $15 and you can get your earnings out through PayPal. So it’s a great way to get your earnings in cash for sharing your opinion.

6. Superpay.me

Superpay.me is a great survey site. And it’s actually not just a survey site, its GPT site, like a Get-Paid-to site, because there are plenty of other ways you can earn well.

You can earn of course by taking surveys, but you can also take online micro-tasks, and you can click adds, and you can watch videos and more, and also get paid to invite your friends. And it actually is available worldwide, so that’s a user-friendly of course that it makes it available to actually earn no matter where you live.

You know what I really like about it is a very low payout threshold of only $1, so that means you very quickly can earn enough to get your earnings out. And you can choose to get them out through PayPal or bitcoin or Skrill or amazon gift card. So it has really good reward opportunities as well.

7. GrapPoints

GrapPoints is another GPT site because it has plenty of ways to earn. And it is also available for all countries. Of course, the exact number of opportunities will differ a bit from country to country, but overall you can earn by taking surveys, you can make offers, you can download and test apps, you can watch videos, earn a little bit extra by inviting friends also.

And it actually has quite high rewards compared to many other sites for the surveys here. So it is definitely worth checking out for that reason.

The exact payout threshold depends on the rewards you want: $3 is if you want to get paid in cash through PayPal, you can also choose to get paid in cash through Skrill or choose between different gift cards.

Often the payout threshold for the gift cards is a little bit higher, but usually no more than like 5 -10 dollars or so, so it’s quite easy to get to the threshold and get your earnings out fairly quickly.

8. SurveyTime

This is a very interesting survey site. Also, the great thing is that you can actually join no matter where you live, and once you have access you can find paid surveys in more or less all countries. And you get $1 for each survey no matter where you live and no matter how long the survey is.

So sometimes it gives quite good value for the time spent here. And it pays out instantly, meaning like as soon as you complete it, you can have the earnings transferred to your PayPal account.

9. YouGov

YouGov is another pure survey site, meaning the only way you can earn here is by sharing your opinion.You can see how the surveys have been used to actually in the media to collect data and research, which is quite interesting.

It is available in quite a lot of countries, like 50 + countries or so. And the payment threshold is as small as 10 dollars

10. LifePoints

LifePoints Panel is actually a very good survey site and available in many countries. You just have to do is sign up and then you start receiving survey invitations. The exact reward does depend on your country, but you can usually get paid out in cash through PayPal when you have reached around $10. Also, it gives gift cards and products depending on your country.

11. InboxDollars

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InboxDollars is a flexible online survey site. You simply go to InboxDollars first register yourself and start doing surveys. Also, you get a 5$ signup bonus too.

They have plenty of things that you can do for making money like watching TV, surveys, doing shopping, playing games, reading emails, etc. But the downside is that the minimum payout is $30.

12. Vindale Research

This is another great survey site that offers various ways of earning. Apart from surveys, you get paid for watching videos and giving feedback, opening and reading emails, etc.

You can also earn $5 for every friend you refer too. Vindale pays you via check or PayPal after you earn $50. As these surveys pay more than most, you can reach that balance quickly. And, you get a $2 welcome bonus after joining for free.

13. Survey Junkie

One of the popular survey sites and you should check out this. They have over 3,000,000 members. It’s one of the most trusted and legit survey sites that you will find on the internet. They have many 5-star Trustpilot reviews as well.

They offer many different types of long and short surveys covering many topics. But generally lengthy surveys have higher pay than others. The payment threshold is about $10 in rewards. Also, the payout is available in PayPal cash and retailer gift cards.

14. OpinionWorld

This is another online survey panel that offers great surveys on healthcare, education, lifestyle, etc. Just head over to the site and fill-up the form and you are eligible for taking surveys. You can redeem your points with various vouchers including Jabong, Flipkart. and Cbazaar.

15. Your Survey

This is another legit online survey site. You can simply go to their site and register yourself but there is a catch. To get paid in YourSurvey.com you first have to qualify for a survey then complete it.

The best part is that as soon as you hit 13 years old you are eligible to register and start earning. Also, they claim that you will be answering as anonymous and your identity is completely safe with them.

16. Ipsos

Ipsos is another legit survey providing a company that has a huge range of surveys. It has longer surveys that mostly pay $1-$5 depending on the survey.

Is it one of the popular genuine companies. So if you are interested in taking surveys then simply go to their official site and open an account and start working.

17. Amazon Mturk

Let me clear you that it’s not a survey site but it offers great opportunities to earn extra income. Amazon Mturk has multiples options for earning. They offer some excellent mini-tasks that are generally cannot do by computers.

There are two types of accounts available on Amazon Mturk site. You have to register as a worker if you want to earn some money by doing mini tasks.

18. Timebucks

Timebucks offers great opportunities for its users. Apart from the survey, they do have many other earning options too like paid posts on TikTok, view funny slides, get paid to play games, install apps earn a bonus, and complete captcha. Also, it has a daily bonus system and a referral program where you can earn money for referring your friends.


As you can see there are some great surveys and Get-Paid-To sites you can join here in 2020. I will keep checking and I will keep updating my lists.

So if you are looking for some side income and then you can join any of the survey sites and start earning.

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