How to Start Tea Time Franchise – Cost | Process & Eligibility

Thinking to start Tea Time franchise? If yes, here are the details. India is the largest producer of tea in the whole world. Around 1325.05 million kgs of tea are produced every year. Out of this, only 249 million kg is exported. This shows the love of Indians towards tea. In this case, it will be the best option to make money from a Tea Franchise.

We all are well aware of the potential of a franchise business and combining it with the addiction of tea will bring huge profit in your wallet. The best brand to partner for a tea shop will be ‘Tea Time’.

About Tea Time

Tea Time is a new tea company that serves the best varieties of teas, and other beverages too. It was open in 2017. Tea Time is also a member of the Tea Board of India. The head office of Tea Time is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. The most amazing thing about the company is its massive success in very few times. It has also become one of the leading tea selling company.

The company has also a wide range of beverages which makes people love their services. This wide range includes eight different flavors of tea, varieties of milkshake coolers.

How to Start Tea Time Franchise?

Tea Time Franchise

Just after a year in 2018, Tea Time decided to spread its restaurant chain and opened its first franchise outlet in the same city, Hyderabad. Till now, the company has successfully opened 200+ outlets all around the country. The majority of the Tea Time franchises are situated in South India. Due to this reason, the company is actively looking to serve their tasty tea in other parts of India.

The company only charges 3% of the gross income of your tea shop, monthly. There is an upper limit of nine thousand, set by the company.

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Starting Investment

The low investment for the Tea Time franchise makes the opportunity even for a middle-class person to open his tea shop. It only costs four to five lakhs INR to set up the whole outlet and make it ready to sell the first tea. No other company for a business franchise is this much affordable.

This budget covers all the primary costs, like brand fee, marketing fee, inventory costs, and a complete start-up kit that include training and support. It might shock you a bit, but this investment also includes the cost of essential types of equipment like refrigerators and other utensils.

Why Choose Tea Time Franchise?

Now, the most important part is why you should choose Tea Time over other tea chain companies. Numerous benefits will support the statement completely. Some of the key benefits are explained below-

#1. Marketing Support

Normally, franchisee businesses don’t require any marketing or advertising efforts. But, Tea Time is a new brand in the market and not everyone is well aware of it. However, this is not a thing of worry.

No tea shop ever required any sort of advertising campaigns, only the awareness of the store is enough, the best is- you don’t have to do this on your own, either. Tea Time provides quality training and field support to every franchise owner. You only have to follow their method as directed to start your tea shop smoothly.

#2. Quality products at affordable prices

This is the most reasonable factor to partner with Tea Time. Many tea brands are not much successful in the franchise business, as the company Tea Time is. It is because other brands make high price beverages which range from 100 rupees to 500 rupees.

The majority of us will never want to pay that much amount, just for a cup of tea, especially when it questions about your lifestyle expenses.

Every product of Tea Time ranges from only 10 rupees to 100 rupees. These beverages have the same quality as any other high price beverage.

#3. Less Amount of Workers

Opening a Tea Time outlet will only require three to four workers. In which two of them are required to make beverages, one person is for a customer assistant and the last one will manage the shop. This also implies that you will save a ton of money by spending less in the workforce and make an extra percentage of invisible profit for yourself.

#4. Training and Support

As mentioned earlier, the headquarter of Tea Time is located in Hyderabad. The company invites every business owner here, to give specific training for the successful running of the business.

The pieces of training are for – “To copy their recipe perfectly”, “To manage and run the tea shop business”, “Marketing and advertising techniques”, “To build a good relationship with the customer”, etc. Tea Time also gives you essential items, need to make their recipes.

#5. Less Space Required

What is the maximum space, a tea shop acquired? Not much! You only need to 100 – 150 sq ft area, to fall under Tea Time’s terms and conditions

How Much You Can Earn? (ROI)

This case is a perfect example of ‘Less invest and high returns business’. Moreover, there is a strong reason why 200+ outlets are being opened until now. The minimum ROI (Return Of Investment) of opening a Tea Time franchise is more than 10 thousand per day, once the store starts running smoothly. With this rate, you can easily be able to recover all your money within six to eight business months only. Not only this, but you will also make somewhere from 40% to 50% of profits in the same year.

Contact Details of Tea Time Franchise

I know you’ve received much information about the Tea Time franchise till now, and the only thing you require is the contact details.

To contact the company for the franchise proposal, you will have to visit their official site-

By visiting this link, you’ll get two forms: a) enquire form and b) contact form. To get in touch with them fill the details of any form, according to your purposes.

You can also reach them via phone call or email. Their phone numbers are given below-

  • +91 63663 70426
  • +91 9685667676

Email- [email protected]

If you are from Hyderabad or a nearby location, I personally urge you to contact Tea Time by visiting their head office. By visiting, you will get a clear view of your business. Additionally, it will create a positive impression in front of the company officer, for you.

The physical address of the company’s head office is-

Desi Tea Time Pvt. Ltd.

A1, G Block, Amrutha enclave,

Road No 14, Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad – 500 034,

Telangana, India


Tea has become an important part of our lifestyle and the addiction for the tea was started during the British rule. It is one of the very few things that are part of both beggars and rich class people.

Your business will satisfy every type of heart. I don’t see any negative points in this tea franchise business. However, a large amount of profit will directly depend on the area of your tea shop. Having a shop, close to any market location or an educational premise is the best place.

But, don’t worry if your shop doesn’t have a crowded region, many of the successful tea shops are always opened in a society or other residential areas.


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