Top 15 Tourism Business Ideas & Opportunity 2020

tourism business ideas

Looking for tourism business ideas? The tourism business generally means you are going to provide accommodation and associated services to your customers visiting places with your company. If you are a travel lover, it also means you love to show people different places that are hidden from the tourists. In recent times, we can see there is a tremendous increase in the traveling industry ll because of better communication.

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People can now make money from different streams of profitable resources like city walks, historical discussions on particular places, etc. 6.5 trillion U.S dollar is the current figure of this industry. This is a growing industry and if you’re reading this you’re among those intelligent businessmen who will make huge profit out of it.

The tourism business includes several aspects of traveling, and you being the business owner need to know each and every profit-making aspect of it.

Before you decide to dive into the business, it is important for you to know the types of tourisms-

  • Historical tourism
  • Environmental tourism
  • Recreational tourism
  • Ethnic tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Health tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Music tourism
  • Village tourism
  • Wildlife tourism

These are the different types of tourism, now it is your duty to decide which one you would love to explore first.

15 Tourism business ideas, that you can surely explore

Tourism not only includes accommodation and transportation but there are different aspects too. Let’s explore the business ideas one by one.

1. Lodging

One of the oldest business ideas that still remains. We have seen the presence of lodges from ancient times. Lodges give you the most reliable and comfortable home-staying experience. if you own a house and have a spare area to lease, do not hesitate because this will help you earn some extra sitting right at your home.

If your house is situated in the lap of nature, providing a tree-house to the travelers would be a  delight to them. Property rentals are best when you want to earn extra with your existing resources.

2. Hello Translators

If you have a  good grip over some foreign language you can be a great translator cum tour-guide. If you are a linguist you can either work with the government or the corporate sector who need linguists for foreign trade or for their tourists.

You can earn a handsome amount while you help foreigners in your nd in return they feel good about your home-Ind.

3. Run Website

You can always try to be the connection between tourist and spot by providing them with every information about the place, hotels, transport services, restaurants, etc. help them connect with the hotels and rental services and in return get handsomely paid when you make a sale.

4. Rentals

When you are a tourist, you would generally go for rental services from the airport or the rail station or the bus terminals. Bike rental or car rentals can earn you revenue. Always make the rentals near the tourist spots, so that they can avail of these services. You can always add some ethnicity to the retail service by providing them with bicycles( add the nostalgic).

5. Photography Can Be Good Source Of Income

If you’re the photographer, you’re never able to click your picture with the group. Therefore it is important to keep the tour photographers alive. When you are on the Grand Canyon, you will surely need a photographer because this moment will never come back again.

Make a photo printing lab in the tourist locality and you can make someone smile and earn with it as well.

6. Open A Coffee Shop Nearby

Owning a coffee shop to a concentrated tourist spot can be of tremendous profit.  Little evening outings can turn them into your coffee shop. Keep not just coffee but also a few dessert items and fresh juices and evening snacks and some healthy snacks for breakfast. Little beer could possibly never do hrm.  Crowded re which has some scenic beauty too can be your ideal spot.

7. Restaurants That Serve Delicious Food

Investing in restaurants is the wisest of all the plans for business tourism. Every person needs to eat and if your food is fresh and tasty, be sure to make a lot of money. Try to include multi-cuisine because one might miss their home-land and your food can make them feel at home.

There are some licenses that you need from the health department in order to open a restaurant. Otherwise, this is a smooth business.

8. Give Them A Memorable House-boat Stay

If your spot has this facility, avail it. Buy or build a house-boat if you have the right resources. People love to stay in houseboats. If you’re from Florida or the Mississippi or the Kashmir region, you are the luckiest. Making profit out of people’s smiling faces is what a businessman should think of.

9. Cook Local Cuisine

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, trust me you can make the stay memorable for tourists by giving them a local cuisine cooking class. Make it a short course of seven to 5 days only if they’re willing to learn about the cuisine of that particular locality.

You can also try the live kitchen facility, where the visitors can see how you’re making the me this can be a good profit-making tourist business plan.

10. Open Souvenir Shop Near The Tourist Spot

Fill your store with the ethnic touch of your locality and earn from it. Tourists love to collect memories and items from the places they visit. Keep handmade products for that touch of love from your side of the country. This will not only generate you an income but work for a few.

11. Cloth Stores

Open a store that provides locally made dresses, which reflects the culture and tradition of your area. Don’t just keep clothes, provide them with daily utilities because you never know, one might need you.

12. History Walks

You can be a walking tour guide.  The walking tour guide explains the importance and the history of a particular place to the visitors. Tour guides are in demand, always because you know the local language and culture. If you know your city, and some foreign languages you can easily earn while you travel.

13. Event Organizer

Destination weddings are going common these days, and you can be lucky enough to event some of those or all of those weddings. Organizing an event for these tourists can be a good source of income.

14. Open Night Club

What could someone do after a tiring sightseeing day? Yes, you re right, cubbing. Clubbing not relax your mind but helps you make new friends everywhere you go. Who knows, your club is the place where two souls are destined to be united. Hence, you can be a part of such noble ct.

15. Home-stays

Homestays are becoming very popular day by day. This is different from lodging because in homestays you let tourists share your home. You can either provide them with food or just sanity. This will give you some profit and some ming days. The tourists will also feel at home with this initiative. Home-stay will help you earn some extra out of it.

There can be hundreds of innovative tourism business ideas, we have provided some of the popular ideas amongst them. If you’re sure about any of these business ideas, jump for it. Choosing your suitable business idea will depend upon your resources available and the demand for your locality. Go through every individual idea thoroughly. Consult with the local people and try to take the pulse of your locality.

Be good with every tourist and try to be as polite as possible. If you can follow some of these sticks properly you will never have to turn back again. Always remember to do market research before you think of investing in any business.

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