8 Unique Trading Business Ideas & Opportunity in India 2020

Looking for trading business ideas? Here’s the list. Starting from something small, we achieve big! This era is experiencing a huge pool of entrepreneurs, who are trying to get rid of the 9-5 rat race of their everyday life. We are constantly trying to help these new entrepreneurs to achieve something more. Businesses these days are not gender-biased.

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Many women are joining this industry and are surfacing to the economic strata. There are different business ideas that require low investment and provide higher returns. Digital Marketing is taking its place in the business world and mostly among women because it can be done from home. As long as patriarchy exists, digital marketing will gain popularity and it will be among women.

What Is Trading Business?

In the trading business, women contribute only 14- 15%. The world needs more women traders. Apart from manufacturing, production, distribution, the trading business is the easiest and comes with higher profit earning possibilities. We should know “what is trading business” in the first place before we can start elaborating about trading ideas.

Trading business involves the buying and selling of goods or items for making a higher profit. These goods we are talking about can be customized or ready to go goods. Traders buy goods from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell them to retailers or end customers. Traders generally have large warehouses or storage facilities to maintain their stock.

Let’s talk about different business ideas that need lower investments. Also, these are ideal for women. Scroll down to know about varied trading business ideas in detail.

Here Are Some Unique Trading Business Ideas

There are basically two types of trades

  • International or foreign trade
  • Home or domestic trade

Let’s check out the business ideas

1. Pet Food And Pet Care Services

trading business ideas

There is a growing demand for pets in houses where both the family members are working. Nuclear families have 1 child and that is the reason for keeping a pet at home. Many homemakers love to keep pets in their houses. Animal lovers feed street cats and dogs even provide healthcare essentials to them. Therefore, we can see a rise in the percentage of pet food and pet care services.

It will be highly profitable if you open pet care and food shop. You can sell pet food, accessories, pet care services, and even healthcare services. Every year around 7 million pets are adopted. Hence, this estimate is proof of the growing pet food and care industry.

2. Garments Trading

The garment is the fundamental requirement of a human being. Garments are traded all over the world. Cotton from Bangladesh, batik clothes from Indonesia, the polyester-cotton blend of Korea, brocades, laces, Banarasi silk of India are some of the famous fabrics for trade.

Therefore it is best to start a garment business in order to expand it in the international market in the future. The garment business can even be started from your home and requires a small space. You need to find a wholesaler who will supply your fabrics and garments at cheaper rates. Marketing plays an important part in spreading any business. Therefore, sketch a proper plan before you start any business. This is one of the profitable trading business ideas.

3. Trading Computer Hardware and IT Products

Trading Computer Hardware and IT Products

It will be very easy to establish your business if you choose the hardware products. Computes, smartphones, earphones, and hardware accessories are in high demand in the global market. Once, you enter this industry, you will never be disappointed. This is a growing industry and will grow in the future, so will your business.

Hardware business requires investments at large and also requires a shop. Computer hardware products include motherboards, mouse, keyboard, RAM, headphones, memory cards, and mobile accessories too. You can also sell second-hand computers because the second-hand computer market is also a growing industry.

4. FMCG Trading

The FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods market is always expanding. If you are a capable researcher and market surveyor, you will be able to understand the current and future growth for the FMCG training business.

FMCG products comprise packed foods, prepared meals, cosmetics, toiletries, frozen food, candy, baked food, consumer food, electronics, beverages, dry goods, over-the-counter-medicines, office supplies, cleaning products, etc. Don’t limit yourself with a single company, expand your choices, to help your customers expand their choices when they shop from you.

Needs moderate investment for products. This business needs a store, which needs investment but if your house is situated in a favorable place, you can open a store in your house. With proper market research and planning, also finding a cheap wholesaler or producer will be wise and you will be able to expand your business in a short span of time.

5. Hardware And Sanitary

This is a necessary product for every housing. Connection with people associated with real estate is very important because they will be your customer provider. Good market research about popular companies and their most sold products will help you grow your business and as well earn huge profits. This business can be very profitable if you can use the right strategy. With a moderate investment, you can buy the products.

Choosing a location for your store is a critical decision. You need to choose a location in the city where transportation is easy and your store will be noticeable. Design your store such that your best products will be displayed to attract customers.

You will need a spacious store to display all your product varieties and also a storehouse or warehouse to keep the items in stock. These items need to be handled carefully because they are delicate and breakable. This is a profitable trading business idea.

6. Trade Chemical And Pesticide

60% of the world economy depends on agriculture, hence providing you with a reason to become a chemical, pesticide and fertilizer seller. Fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals are in high demand all over the world. Do you really think crops and fishes grow at this unimaginable speed to feed 749.53 crores? No, it’s all these chemicals that help the crops and animals grow at this unimaginative speed so that they can help to supply the growing demand for food in the global market.

The demand is growing day-to-day, which is also helping this chemical industry grow. It would be really wise if you invest in this industry because this is bound to grow in the future. You need to associate with cheap wholesalers and manufacturers to earn a good percentage of profit. Remember, to register your business and also issue all the licenses required, otherwise, it would be risky for you to continue with this business.

7. Trade Automobile Accessories

The automobile industry consists of the manufacturing, designing, production, and marketing of motor vehicles. It is the largest economic sector, globally. Therefore if you start a business with automobiles accessories and enter into the largest revenue collection market.

Automobile accessories consist of seat covers, mirrors, dash covers, steering wheels covers, floor mats, tire shape toolkit, cleaning brush, car body covers, car organizer, car seat covers, vehicle horns, etc. The requirements for automobile accessories are always in high demand. Automobile stores also have tires, gears, tubes, etc in case one is in an emergency. Good research and planning are what make a business successful. The moderate investment will be necessary to set up your store properly. An attractive store always attracts customers. Sell high-quality products and always try to be honest because this industry demands honestly.

8. Electrical Fittings

Electrical Fittings - trading business ideas

Electrical fittings are a staple to every country. This business can never go wrong. You need electrical supplies in the office, schools, houses and basically everywhere. The list of electrical supplies are switches, sockets, lamp holders, main switches, circuit breakers, varieties of lights, electrical equipment, etc.

To become a successful trader for electronic supplies, you need to provide good quality products, increase your variety of products. There are a number of licenses required for setting up an electrical fitting store. Moderate investment required to set up your store. Good liaison with the real estate who can help you take-up the supply responsibility of electronic supplies. It is important that you know the basics of electronics. Good marketing, selling of quality products and good behavior will help you expand your business. This can never be an outdated trading business idea.

What Are The Basic Requirements?

In the beginning, you have to realize what kind of trading you are about to do. Your market segment can be International, domestic or online. Online businesses are a growing industry. Once, you decide your segment, decide the product you want. Take a good market survey and also study to understand the recent market statistics and products in demand. You should choose something that will always be in demand.

Talk to suppliers and choose the cheapest one, decide how to compete with your competitors. Manpower will be required. Decide how you want to use it. Issue license, set up a store and get started.


These are a few trading business ideas that can never go wrong. You can also have other options, but we have carefully picked up each business idea just for you. We wish you all the best and good luck!

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