15+ Profitable Transport Business Ideas & Opportunity in 2020

transport business ideas

If you are looking for transport-related business ideas then you have come to the right place. The transport industry is not restricted to traveling but it also covers other aspects like goods transportation, fuel transportation, courier services, school bus Services, and milk transportation, etc.

The transport industry itself huge and there are many transport-related business ideas to cover. In this article, I have listed the 15 most profitable transport-related business ideas that you can start with a medium to high capital investment.

1. Taxi Business

Taxi is a very old way of transportation and still best transport business strategy. Initially, you definitely have to invest moderate capital but this will surely worth it. Owning a few taxis can generate a good source of income and you can increase the number of taxis when the business succeeds.

2. App-Based Cab

App-based cab service is now very popular and it’s the easiest and convenient way of finding cab service. You can develop your own app and start the business in your city or you can also tie-up with famous app base cab services like Ola or Uber.

3. Goods Transportation

Transportation of goods business really depends on how it can deliver goods to other states in a timely and safely. This type of transportation business is very important and lucrative because it carries huge goods. The investment in this business may seem high but the returns are immensely good.

4. Fuel Transportation

This type of transport business typically includes transportation of fuel like gas, petrol, diesel, etc to their located stations. One with the knowledge of driving can start this business with small capital investment.

5. Courier Services

There are many big and small companies that are already doing this business. As you can see more and more peoples are using the internet to sell and purchase items or goods thus the demand for good currier service is increasing rapidly.

A currier service business solely depends on how fast and manageable the service is. Initially, you can start this business in your local town to gather experience and to understand the difficulties of the business

6. Bus Service

A bus is always being the cheapest way of transport. People often take the bus to travel from one city to another. The bus service business is very important for regular passengers. An entrepreneur can start this business by purchasing a bus, renting a good driver and license.

7. E-Auto

E-auto is one of the cheapest and convenient ways of transport for locals. Purchasing a few e-autos and renting them is definitely a profitable business idea. Initially, you can start with one or two e-auto and then gradually increase the number when the business thrives.

8. Bike Rent Services

In outstations you will there are many bike renting services available. These rented bikes are the most convenient way of roaming in the city on your own. The business owner charges per hour, per day or even a weekly basis.

With a few bikes, you can also start this type of business and make money. But it’s very important to maintain and check bikes regularly to avoid any accident.

9. School Bus Services

You can start this type of service business in your local town. All you need to do is pick children from their homes and drop them to their schools. You can run this business individually or you can also tie-up with schools to expand the business.

However, you must have a registered driving license and valid identity proof along with address verification.

10. Tour Bus Services

This type of tour bus service is very common in the famous outstations. Usually, they pick up customers from a place and guide them about the city and the most attractive tourist places to visit.  Also, they provide you detailed information about the city, culture, and heritage.

11. Tourism Bus Services

Similarly, the tourist bus service is another popular transport business idea but not the same. In this case, you pick clients from a place and take them to a particular place for a trip. Starting this type of transport business is highly profitable and does not require a huge investment.

12. Car Rent Services

Similarly to bike rentals, you can also start a car rental services in outstations for tourist. Car rental service is a highly profitable and lucrative business model that many people are doing. Initially, it may require a medium range of capital investment but once its set you can make all back within a few years.

13. Medical Services

This type of transport business tackles the emergencies of the medical field. Medical transportation service includes the transportation of things like meds, medicinal gear, and foundation, for example, seat, tables, beds, cushions, and bedclothes, composing cushions and so on it is actually a beneficial business which one can take up.

14. Milk Transportation

This is another beneficial transport business. We see a few milk vans every day in the morning that transports milk parcels to shops in bulk. You start this business by getting a van and driving license. Also, you need a primary investment for the van and for the milk. Apart from that, you have to have decent compatibility with a few retailers for more business and benefit.

15. Mobile Food Cart

A food cart is another fastest growing business. A food cart could be a van, a bus or even a modified car. By investing in a food cart business you can make a huge profit. You can either rent your modified food carts or even can sell them for a good profit.

Conclusion:  In this article, I have listed the top 15 transport-related business ideas. It doesn’t matter which one you choose all have their merits and demerits. To achieve success in any business you need a properly written plan, will power, energy and resources.

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