20+ Small Unique Business Ideas & Opportunities for 2020

Unique Business Ideas 2020

Looking for unique business ideas? Do you generally get ideas to start a new business? Are these creative enough to establish your business?  If yes, you can take some more help from us. If no, still you can take different ideas from us. We will help you with Unique business ideas. These business ideas come with low cost, generally. If you want to expand you will have to think about improving your self every minute.

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What are the 20 Unique Business Ideas?

There are many ideas for you but we will start with low or no investment very unique business ideas.

1. Massage Giver

You can become a massage giver. Elder people generally suffer from back pain. They will be your target audience. You just need to spread out your service and just like that people will start contacting you. Even young people nowadays need massages. Life is becoming hectic and after work, a good back and body massage will be a great relief. You will provide an at-home service. With at-home service, you can make more money per sitting.

2. Rent The Toilet

For an outdoor event, people need toilets. If you are an event organizer you must have them. A portable toilet renting business is a good idea because everyone is going green these days. It is always advisable not to defecate in the open.  There are different types of portable toilets, some are simple and some look elegant. You will have to keep both of it, along with toilets, you need to supply toilet paper, soaps, handwashes, air fresheners, etc.

3. Design Board Games For Kids

Did you play different games invented by you when you were a kid? I know right! Now its time to bring those games back into reality. You can own a game business with your childhood idea. Make different interesting board games for kids and sell them, make some profit and get famous.

4. Become a DJ

Do you regularly feel that DJs invited to parties are not worthy and you can be a better DJ?  Then go and pursue your dream. You can fulfill your dream and as well earn huge profits.

5. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelancing is a new type of part-time /contractual job everybody is taking up in developing countries. Freelancing comes with one of the most important features’ you can stay at home and still earn! You might make $20 to $50 per article. You can choose your type of subject and work on it.

6. Videographer

Videography these days is becoming a good source of income. You shoot videos of events and help them capture their moments and earn money in return.  You need to accumulate all the necessary equipment that will help you in videography. First of all, a good quality HD Video camera, lights. Umbrella lights etc. You will need good premium editing software and video makers. Market your skill through advertisements on social media and get going!

7. Interior Designer

Just a certificate and you will start making huge money. Interior designing basically is expert guidance for people who want to decorate their homes beautifully. Interior designers help people make beautiful homes. This is a good business and if you are serious about, go get a  certificate and spread your wings all over the globe to earn a huge profit.

8. Blogger

Blogging in this era is a  good passive business source. Collect revenue from affiliate marketing, product reviews,  advertisements, etc. if you write blogs that are easy to read and interactive in nature you will collect huge views and ads in no-time. You might start it as a hobby but eventually, it will turn into your business only when you get its true essence.

9. Voice-over Artist

Did you learn voice over? Utilize it and become a voice-over artist. If you have skills and a good voice you can dominate the industry one day.  You just need to keep calm and trust in your capabilities. If you do not have a certificate, you can take a course and earn a certificate and join the voice-over artist industry.

10. Become  A Hairdresser

If you have an interest in hairdressing, you can try making a studio of your own. This is Noble work because your work might encourage and inspire someone. You will help people feel confident about themselves. This is a unique business idea you never have thought about pursuing yourself.

11. Rent Your Space

Well, renting space has nothing unique about it, but renting your space to kinds in search of rehearsal rooms or artists for painting or videographers or short filmmakers for uniquely decorated rooms which are in high demand. You can earn really huge money from this you are doing noble work as well.

12. Wine Taster

Do you love tasting different wines? Then this is best for you. This can be a great profession for you. You will taste different wines and review the company about their wine. You can even become a blog writer about different wines. They will provide you sample wines and you will review their product, in return, they will pay you handsomely.

13. Graphic Designer

If you are tech-savvy and you have a degree in graphic design, you should start thinking about it. Companies are always in search of good graphic designers. You might have to design logos, advertisements, letters, magazines, etc.  You should know how to use Illustrator or Photoshop.

14. Vlogger

Do you like making videos of the places you visit? Then you can absolutely try vlogging. It will be a good business idea for you. You can do vlogging in fashion. Visiting new places, DIYs, etc. Make money when companies approach you for advertisements.  It is this simple.

15. Resume Writer

Did you get appraisals when you wrote your own resume? Yes, you guessed it right. You can be a good resume writer. Resume writers get good payment. You need no investment, you just have to take out some time and write an impressive resume for them.

16. Financial  Advisor

Start your financial advising career right from your home. Advertise it in your locality and ten grow your business successfully. Once you earn a reputation, you can start your journey as a financial adviser with different companies.

17. Online Photo Selling

If you think your photos are good and worthy of selling, you can open a website of your own. Sell your photos and make money. You need to provide good quality photos. The photos should be a minimum of 8 megapixels.

18. Home Tuitions

Do you love teaching and at the same time do not want to go out? Then you can try tuitions at home. This will help you earn and that too passive. You can provide tuitions for science, maths, or social sciences. You can provide this service at your home or you can provide at-home services.

19. Swimming Coach

Do you love swimming? You can help young children by helping them learn how to swim. If you are a surfer you can open a surfing class to help people learn it. You will be able to learn too.

20. Personal Chef

Do you love cooking? Make it your profession. You can be a personal chef to someone and make them the kind of meals they prefer. Customer specified meal-making is what a personal chef does.

Ending Note

If you have any other unique business idea you can definitely try doing it. We have sorted out some of the ideas for you. If you like these ideas then do not forget to share this with your friends. Do comment in the comment section below about this article.

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