Top 50 Upcoming Business in India | Did You Knew That?

If you are thinking to start a business in the future or finding upcoming business ideas in India then you are in the right place. In this article, I will guide you through 50 hot upcoming business ideas & opportunities for India.

Also, we will talk about running business ideas which can make a huge turn in the future. There are many small and big investment opportunities hidden in India. With proper market research, you can definitely start a good business for yourself.

So, without wasting more time let’s begin the list of “50 hot upcoming business ideas in India of 2019”

1. Herb Farming

50 upcoming business ideas in india
Herbs Farming – 50 Upcoming Business Ideas in India

There are lots of herbs which has huge market potential. You can start a small herb farming business in your backyard. Once you are comfortable with the growing method and technique you can rent a small land and expand it.

2. Fragrance Plantation

The perfume industry is very big in India. Thus, starting a fragrance plantation is another profitable idea on our upcoming business ideas list. Basically, you can start growing fragranced plants and sell them directly to perfume making companies or you can make your own perfume brand too.

3. 3D Printing Business

3d printing is one of the most popular upcoming businesses. You can grab the opportunity and start learning and researching more about the 3d printing business idea. There are many developed countries who are already started the 3d printing business. You can be the first one to start it in India if you start researching about it from now.

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4. Plastic Recycling Business

With huge market potential, plastic recycling is another hot business opportunity in India. The plastic waste materials cannot be discomposed by nature itself therefore, it requires a plastic waste management unit to manage dumped plastic wastes. Plastic recycling includes collecting of waste plastic, classifying plastic waste into types, grinding, and melting.

5. Unique gift business

If you are an open and creative minded person and love doing creative things then this business is for you. People often find themselves confused while purchasing gifts for someone special. Starting a special custom and unique gift shop is a high profitable upcoming business idea.

6. Solar Energy Business

50 upcoming business ideas in India - solar energy
Solar Energy – 50 Upcoming Business Ideas in India

Investing in solar energy is a high upcoming profitable business project.  In India, solar energy will bring huge market potential in the coming years. There are already a few stats that are working toward solar energy.

In 2014, Gujarat grabbed the opportunity of developing solar energy now they have the largest solar energy plant in India.

7. Career Consultant

In India, 90 percent of the students don’t have any idea about their career. Most of the youngsters especially in India never had any career counseling. Because of that students and parents are not aware of many types of jobs available in India. If you can provide genuine career counseling to the upcoming students at an affordable price then you are bound to succeed.

8. Organic Food Business

The Indian food industry is very large and starting an organic food production business is highly profitable. Patanjali is the biggest brand in India which is an organic company. The growth of Patanjali is more than 200 percent from the previous year. By this, you can imagine the demand for organic food products in India.

9. Online Grocery

In recent years the growth of online shopping has been increased rapidly. Basically, with just one click you can get everything. In this growth rate, you should consider starting a local online grocery business.

10. Pollution Mask

In India, most of the metropolitan cities are suffering from air pollution. Compare to other states Delhi is the most polluted states in India. Starting a pollution mask making business in this atmosphere is highly profitable.

11. Medicine Delivery

Home delivery of medicines is another upcoming business opportunity in India. You can contact companies for bulk order and then sell them to customers. You can create an e-commerce website to take orders.

12. Online Tutoring

Teaching online is going to be a trendy business idea in the future. Already there are many platforms where you can register yourself and start teaching online. If you have expertise in any subject and want to pursue it then you should consider starting online teaching.

13. Mobile Food Truck (Thela)

Starting mobile truck food is the most budget convenient idea in India.  What I like about mobile food truck is that you don’t need a fix location to sell your food. If you have a budget of 1-2 lakh then you should consider starting a mobile food truck. I would recommend you sell something which is not available in your locality.

14. Social Media Assistance

Gradually, social media has become a part of our life and one cannot live without it. If you have a good amount of followers in your social media then my friend you are not a common man anymore.

Social media creates a great impact on people thus many celebrities hire a person to handle their social media accounts meanwhile they are busy. Also, if you have personally had a good amount of followers you can make money through advertisement and affiliate marketing too.

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15. Virtual Reality Accessories

50 upcoming business ideas in india
Virtual Reality – 50 Upcoming Business Ideas in India

This is another small yet powerful upcoming business idea for India. The concept of virtual reality is already famous in other developed countries but in India, it’s not that famous.  I would advise you to start importing virtual reality accessories from the world market and sell here.

16. 360 Degree Games

Indians are crazy for games and if you can provide them with 360-degree games then you will own the whole market. Starting a 360* game parlor is the business idea. It may require good capital investment but trust me the returns are unbelievable.

17. Online Health Consultant

Starting an online health care consultant is another upcoming business opportunity in India. If you have medical experience or interested in starting a business in the medical field then you should consider this business seriously.

18. Terrace Farming

No, it’s not what you are thinking. Terrace farming is a method that consists of different small steps (terrace) mostly on hills. In each step, a different type of crops is planted. It’s the most convenient way of agriculture farming.

19. SEO Consultant

SEO plays a huge impact on digital marketing. In a day about 2 million pages are published on the internet. The demand for SEO consultant is increasing rapidly worldwide. SEO has a great future and I would recommend you to invest in this field.

20. Private Job Agencies

The biggest problem of Indian youth is unemployment. In India, there are many private job agencies but most of them are corrupted. You can start a private job consultancy by a tie-up with big companies.

21. Become a Dietician

The health industry is very big and dietician is a part of it. In India, people have started giving more attention to their diet. In the future, the demand for good dietician is going to increase rapidly. So, starting a diet consultancy agency is highly profitable upcoming business opportunity in India.

22. Organic Food Farming

Organic food farming is basically a farming method without using artificial pesticides and other uses of harmful growth products. Recently the demand for organic food products is increased rapidly in the Indian market. In the coming years, the market for organic foods is going to huge.

23. Healthy Breakfast Shop

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is very important. In India, you will find puri, kachori, chop etc as breakfast which is not as healthy at all. The actual problem is that there is hardly any affordable healthy breakfast shop. So, starting a healthy breakfast shop is highly profitable.

24. Data Collecting Service

There are many big companies who often do surveys to collect the feedback of their services or products. But most of the time the data is misguided or manipulated by the authority. You can start a data collecting business just by visiting people personally. Gradually you can build up your team for the work.

25. Catering Business

Catering is a forever running business. Starting a catering business is not easy but who will pay you for an easy task? A rock-solid plan is very important to start a catering business. Before initiating your catering business I would recommend you to work under a caterer to gain practical knowledge and experience. Also, you will build contacts by working there.

26. Manpower Supply Agency

Manpower is an essential requirement for every industry. Starting a manpower supply agency is never a bad idea. You can act as a contractor and deal with companies.

27. Kids Room Designing

It’s another trendy upcoming business idea in India. Kid’s rooms are very different than ours. If you have interior designing and good color combination skills then you should definitely try this business. This business is very much famous in other developed countries.

28. Drones

The commercial market of drones in China, India, and Japan is expected to grow rapidly in the next 5 years.  Drones manufacturing is significantly giving a huge business opportunity in India. The demand for drones in China and Japan is already huge and they are transporting drones from other countries too.

29. Home Automation Business

Basically, home automation uses the technology like sensors, internet, and touchpad to create an automation system to control things in the home like lights, fans, security systems, dryers, dishwasher etc. You can start providing consultation and home automation services to your clients. Hottest opportunity In our list of 50 hot upcoming business ideas in India

30. Online Courses

Making online courses in video format and selling them online is another hot business idea in India. There are many platforms like Udemy and  Unacademy that let you publish your content on their platforms and when someone purchases you get commission directly to your bank account.

31. Pet Food Manufacturing

About 60% of the pets owners have dogs, 30% have cats and rest has birds etc. Every dog lover takes very good care of their dogs and thus they prefer buying high-quality dog food for their pets. With small capital invest, one can start manufacturing dog foods. Before initiating, do check all the legal requirements.

32. Vehicles Charging Station

From many years scientist are working day and night to find a solution to overcome the crisis of petrol. In recent years they have come up with an idea to run vehicles with batteries. Now you can see ToTos but soon you can see cars and bus will also run with batteries. With this growth, I would highly recommend you to start a vehicle charging station. This business is one of the tops in our list of upcoming business ideas in India.

33. Purified Water Business

The demand for purified water is increasing rapidly because more people giving attention to their health. This business includes packaging, supplying drinking water bottles to consumers. Also, the market potential for drinking water business is huge. So, consider starting it.

34. Personality Development

After skills, personality development is an essential requirement for overall human development. It includes communication skills, body language, styling etc. In recent days I have seen significant growth in the demand for personality development classes

35. Robotics

In the future, you will see a huge market of robotics. If you want to invest money then I would recommend you to invest in robotics. Soon, from small to big, every aspect will be covered by robots. Basically, manual workers who are doing repetitive works will be replaced by robots.

36. Furniture Renting

Like renting apartments, renting furniture comes handy when someone stays for a limited period of time. Purchasing brand new furniture sometimes cost a lot. Also, when you move to other states the furniture becomes useless and selling won’t recover even half of the actual price. Thus, people prefer renting it for a short period of time.

37. Mobile Apps Developing

With the huge and vast market potential mobile apps developing is another business idea on the list of 50 upcoming business ideas in India. The mobile user is increasing rapidly in India. If you are a tech-addicted then developing useful mobile apps is highly profitable.

38. Sports Shop

Starting a small sports accessories shop is the idea. But before investing, do research in your locality to understand what type of sports is mainly played by your locals. Once you got that load your shop with that one sport. Covering every aspect of one sport is better than selling all.

39. Gents Salon

Gents salon is another growing business in India. By hiring 1-2 hair stylists you can start a small gent’s salon in your society. The hair stylists and clean atmosphere play a critical role in the success of a salon. Also, consider a well-rounded offer chart with other facilities like hair color, hair straightening etc.

40. Gym

Starting small gyms in your society is another profitable business idea in India. Success or failure of gyms depends on the various factors. The location of the gyms plays a vital role. Also, the equipment and trainers you have appointed for your gyms. I recommend you to consider doing proper market research before investing in this business.

41. Food Delivery Services

Delivering foods from their favorite restaurant is the business idea.  There are many food delivery apps like Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Tasty Khana etc. You can also create the same business model with small capital investment.

42. Smart Coaching Center

By developing new teaching methods you can start a smart coaching center. Basically, the idea is to replace the old boring teaching methods with new concept base teaching ideology. Instead of the repetition method, you can introduce something new and interesting to students.

43. School Transportation Service

Pickup and drop service from homes to schools and from schools to home. Basically, you are responsible for all transportation of students as well as security. You can run this business privately or you can tie-up with schools too.

44. School Project Supply

Don’t underestimate this business. Preparing school projects for kids is a highly profitable business idea in India. You can start this business from small capital investment and gradually you can expand it.

45. Unique Gift Store

Unique customized gifts increase the joy of the celebration. For every occasion, you can create a unique customized gift section. Gifts like photo frames. keychains, dresses etc. With this unique gift,s you are making their occasion very special.

46. Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor is another hot upcoming business ideas in India. People often do yoga incorrectly in India. If you have knowledge and experience in this field you should consider starting yoga classes in your locality.

47. Security Agency

With the huge market potential, security agency is a hot upcoming business ideas in India. It is said that in upcoming years the security agency is going to be a 50,000 crore business. Initially, you can start servicing small sectors like schools, colleges, private apartments, and housing societies.

48. Boutique

A boutique is a lucrative business idea. Starting a boutique in your area is a great investment. Having a written plan of the boutique is more important than passion. Selecting what type of boutique you want to start as well as the location for your boutique. Small steps will contribute to the success of your boutique.

49. Custom T-Shirt Printing

Printing custom made designs as per clients is another popular business model which have huge market potential in upcoming years. With a small capital investment, you can start this business.

50. Start a Preschool

Education is the most important aspect of every human. In India, parents sent their kids in preschools at the age of 4 which shows the potential of preschool businesses. Basically, in India starting a school is the most successful business idea.

Conclusion: Apart from the above list “50 Hot Upcoming Business Ideas in India 2019” there are many more upcoming business ideas & opportunity in India. Before starting any business I would advise you to write a proper plan and gain practical knowledge too. Also, select a business idea which matches with your interest instead of money.

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