Whataburger Franchise – Cost, How to Apply & Eligibility

Whataburger franchise

Looking for the Whataburger franchise? Here are the details. “Whataburger,” the customers would agree with the name because each time they taste a burger from Whataburger, all they say is “What a burger!”

It can also be termed as “The Taj Mahal” of fast-food chains. Dobson and Burton founded this and realized their capabilities too soon and started expanding their Whataburger franchise all over Texas in the U.S.

There are more than 700 outlets now. Each outlet has it’s own popularity because of the delicious food.

Dobson and Burton opened their first store at Corpus Christi in 1950, with a simple motive to serve the best burger to the customers.  They achieved their motto and their restaurant got popular. The “Whataburger” trademark was granted to Dobson by the Texas Secretary of State Office. It is also known as the Texas icon.

Whataburger is sometimes confused with What-a-burger, which was opened by a Virginia Entrepreneur, Jack Branch. Surprisingly, they both were unaware of their alike names for quite a few years.

The special thing about Whataburger Franchise which distinguishes it from other franchises is it uses everything fresh that includes fresh lettuce, grilled quartered pound beef, tomatoes, dills, chopped onion, chicken, fish, etc. The main ingredient, that is the meat is always used fresh, not frozen. It is also said that their ketchup tastes different and their ketchup with a french fry and onion rings are “match made in heaven.” They make a burger just according to the customer’s choice. The bun and other ingredients would not touch the grill until the customer has placed his/her order. It eventually started selling its items online to the popularity and love it gained from customers.

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Brand History

Dobson started this franchise after trying his hand on many other jobs. Then the idea of opening a burger outlet came to his mind. Then he started giving burgers and hamburgers in colorful wrapped papers. Although, Dobson faced a little difficulty in getting 5-inch bun for his hamburger and burger because none of the bakeries was baking such buns at that time. Whataburger started expanding in even the smallest towns. Whataburger started its business by earning just fifty dollars on the first day and then within a few months, it became a grand success.

In 1951, the partnership between Dobson and Burton ended. But they decided to handle the business in two different franchises. And Burton started the Whataburger franchise in San Antonio, Texas. Both agreed that Burton will have all the franchise rights to all Whataburgers in San Antonio.

Then Whataburger faced its challenges and the menu items kept on changing. But the chain kept on increasing and the Whataburger franchise started to be found in a lot of States.

It’s a family business and now it’s run by Harmon’s son Tom.

Not only burgers, but Whataburger also serves a wide variety of breakfast that includes taquitos, Jalapeno cheddar biscuit, pancakes, honey butter chicken biscuit, sandwiches, and many more. These other items are as mouth-watering as their burgers or maybe more than that. It is a complete dine-in restaurant for customers.

Just like the unique taste of burgers, Whataburger is also unique for its architecture. Its A-frame building and orange and white-colored building can be recognized easily.

They even started opening at midnight due to customer’s request and they have different midnight menu. And their midnight menu also got as popular as their morning snacks.

Why Whataburger Franchise over any other franchise?

How to get Whataburger franchise

Opening a franchise is not as easy as playing games. Your everything remains at stake. Your reputation, money, etc. It is wise to invest in a company like Whataburger. Because you need to be very sure before starting a franchise. Whataburger is such a customer-friendly restaurant. Each day’s crowd depicts the fan base of Whataburger.

The high standard set by Whataburger, for which its customer remain loyal for it can never be compared with any other franchise. This franchise sets a remark for other burger franchises. Even though some franchises tried to give competition to Whataburger, they failed to have such.

So, investing in a Whataburger franchise would inbuilt confidence in you. The brand name will help you to gain customers who already know the value of Whataburger.

The Whataburger franchise doesn’t even ask for a Royalty fee. This makes this franchise different from other franchises because, for a newly settled franchise, the royalty fee is nothing more than a burden.

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Eligibility Criteria

The most important need to have before having a Whataburger franchise is good net worth and vacant land. You should also have good managerial skills because having such an outlet where the customer number is more, you need to have a good team with you.

You should also be confident while presenting your idea about the investment before the Whataburger team.

Whataburger Franchise Cost

  • An investment of $1,200,000 is a must join Whataburger franchise.
  • You also need to have a place to start the franchise.
  • No Royalty fee in Whataburger franchise like mentioned earlier.

Contact Information

You can reach out to them by visiting their official website,

www.whataburger.com and then selecting “Contact Us

Or by the given address:

300 Concord Plaza Drive,

San Antonio,

TX 78216


Without any doubt, I can say that you are financially stable and looking forward to do a profitable investment, then the Whataburger franchise is the best choice. The standard set by Whataburger can never fail your expectations.

Investment is very risky and you should always invest in a franchise about which you are totally sure. Whataburger’s details and the good record states that the Whataburger franchise is a good investment. During the initial days, you might take time to settle down but once you are able to achieve the love of customers, you would be happy with your choice and decision.

So, if you want to open a franchise and have a brand name, then without even thinking twice ho for Whataburger franchise.

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