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Are you a true tea lover or have an interest in growing a business in the tea industry? Well, the Yewale tea franchise is definitely one of the best choices for you.

But, before diving into it, you should know what it is and how it turned to be such a huge destination for all the tea lovers.

 It all started in Askarwadi, a little village that is located in Purandar tehsil of Pune district. In the year 1983, they actually got to buy their own tea shop in Salisbury Park. That was when Yewale Chaha actually came into being.

For tea lovers there ‘Ganesh Amruttulya’ became the topic of the town and hence, Pune’s favorite tea destination. Later they started making bakeries like Khari, Biscuits, Cream Roll, Nan Katai, and more.

Yewale Tea Franchise

Yewale Amruttulya now has more than 30 branches in Pune itself. It also has a few branches outside the city. The company is also planning to expand their business and spread their delicious tea all over the nation.

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Not only that. The company has been planning on opening its outlets in some other countries as well. This must be the most exciting info for the tea heads.

1# The Evolution Yewale Tea Franchise

In the year 2001, the one to start the business Shri Dashrath Bhairu Yewale passed away. He left his principles of business to be followed by his descendants.

The entire family started to focus in order to grow the business more and more. Shri Dashrath Bhairu Yewale had a dream of making something that would be a constant favorite even after generations.

So, the Yewales’ primary focus went to that. After many experiments, they finally discovered the perfect taste that everyone would love.

In the year 2017, they started to take the big jump. They started providing their service to the Punekars with a quality that is incomparable, warm welcome, and humble service.

In return, the ‘Yewale’ received a huge embrace with open arms from the Punekars. It grew so much with time that the company has many outlets even outside the city.

2# Reasons That Makes Yewale Amruttulya Great

One of the biggest things in which they believe is making tea is one of the most important and very serious dietary art. They actually put the amount of energy in making tea that is required by making many other bigger dishes.

You will find everything to the best, be it hygiene or the tea powder they are using. They also prepare their own herbal spices to add to the tea in order to maintain authenticity. So, getting into this business is not going to be something that you might regret later.

1) The Ingredients

Another very important thing to remember about Yewale is that they use sulfur-free sugar. While making tea people generally use conventional sugar. It turns black for the chemicals present in them. In the case of Yewale’s tea, things are different.

They use sugar that is free of any chemicals and the water is properly filtered as well. So, there is a minimum chance of anybody getting any sort of infection.

The unique sort of ingredients they use brings a flavor to their milk tea that is what we say one of a kind.

2) Plus Points

If you are interested to do a job in a Yewale tea franchise then here is the set of perks that you get.

You are going to own a franchise and for that, you absolutely do not need to put an extra amount of money for marketing and advertising. Why? Well, as you know by knowing that brand itself is something that people know.

People have a clear idea about the taste and quality. So, no worries.

The brand imparts the franchise outlets in the company of a balanced flow of gain. Because the company is expanding at a good speed. That’s why all the franchises are getting proper amounts of profit with constant payments.

Young people are the ones to get the job here as a breakthrough giving them a chance to start a business of their own. The youngsters’ minds are filled with the goal of fulfilling their entrepreneurial dream which Yewale helps with on a great scale.

3# Eligibility Require to Start with Yewale

Starting a career with a Yewale tea franchise is not that complicated. But, there is a certain list of things that you need to keep in mind in order to start the business.

1) Area Needed

The very first thing that comes in everyone’s mind in order to start a shop in the area you need to acquire.

In the case of a Yewale Amruttulya shop, you will be needing a total area of 250 to 300 square feet. You have to keep in mind that the area also should have enough outdoor space and a proper ventilation structure.

2) The Required Skills

The next thing after the area that you need to know is the skill that the brand needs. That is in order to make the perfect flavored tea that a customer would crave for.

You have to be quite a speed holder in order to make a good amount of the perfect tea in a very short amount of time. Because you know a customer also gets attracted by a quick service.

4# Do You Need Training?

Some of you may also wonder if you need any sort of training to be a part of this franchise. Well, the brand provides quality operational manuals to each and every franchise outlet. This is because the management knows how to run the outlet on a regular basis.

Employees are trained as soon as they start working in the outlets as they need to get away from all the difficulties while working as quickly as possible.

Well, another small thing, each Yewale Amruttulya shop requires 3 to 4 staff members. So, if you want to apply, hurry.

5# Yewale Tea Franchise Cost:

Capital is always necessary in order to start a business. So, yes, you have to invest a bit to own a franchise. You need to pay Rs. 1300000 and the franchise fees are Rs. 300000.

In order to get the standard interior designing, you need to pay Rs. 400000. For getting the kitchen tools, billing counter, cooler, boiling machine, freezer, gas lines, and milk cans you have to invest around Rs. 480000.

The brand itself is known but the franchise outlet should be promoted and for that you need Rs. 150000.

Note that: Yewale Amruttulya came up with a franchise for a 5 year time and it is absolutely renewable.

Profit: Each franchise that runs well at present in the city earns around Rs. 600000 and the total profit that a particular franchise makes is around Rs. 65000.

6# The Tea Making Process of Yewale

Let me take you through the process of making the tea that makes Yewale the tea heads’ favorite place real quick.

  1. First Step: They use brass pots to boil milk and water together both in equal amounts. When the mixture starts boiling the add the powdered tea leaves followed by the sugar as the tea leaves its color.
  2. Second Step: Fine grounded spices that include pepper, ginger, cloves, cardamoms, and cinnamon are added. The mixture is well boiled until it is getting good color and flavor.
  3. Final Step: It is filtered well and put in brass kettles to keep it hot. Finally, the tea is served in a steel or glass cup.

Now, it’s the customers’ turn to enjoy.

7# Yewale Tea Franchise Contact Details

The company has been spreading its taste quite at a good speed. People across the nation are getting to know how beautiful the art of tea making is through Yewale.

Now, it is not the 20th century anymore. So, yes, they have set up a good bunch of ways for people to get easily connected with the brand.

You can easily get in touch with the company through their contact number: +918181800800.

You can mail them at [email protected].

Know them more by visiting their website called

They also provide the original address you want to reach them: Flat No. 101, 1st Floor, Silver Point, 20/1, Katraj – Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa, Pune – 411046.

Concluding Note

Remember that this business was originally started by a 16-year old boy in Pune named Dashrath Yewale. He used to own two buffaloes and work in a local tea shop. Look at the company now

You never know what your destiny is. So, if you want to build up a career in culinary arts, this can be a very good opportunity for you to get started with.

This brand, in particular, has proven to be one of the most triumphant and profitable trades for discrete people who want to make a good name in this field.

Guaranteed profit is something that you can be sure about. So, this is the perfect place to start your business by investing capital.

The most important and the best part of it is the company has evolved a lot but did not forget it’s rooted and where it grew from.

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