How to Get Zara Franchise [Cost, Profit & Process]

zara franchise

Are you planning to start your own business with Zara? If it is a yes, this is the right place you have come in. Here you will get to have a complete review of the Zara franchise, how to get one, and what are the prerequisites for commencing with a Zara franchising outlet.

Zara is a brand that is actually owned by Inditex. It also has come up with other popular brands like Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara Home, Oysho, and many more. So, before jumping into the franchise details, let’s have a quick little read about the brand for better knowledge.

About Zara

Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories selling company. It has brought numerous fresh designs to people who are all about fashion. This brand has taken fashion to a whole new level giving the clients a new world of unique clothing. It also provides quality service to each and every client with care.

This brand started its journey from 1975 in the Spanish coastal city of A Coruna. As years passed, it produced different fashionable pieces remaining stuck with its main focus and core values. Zara mainly focuses on four things: beauty, simplicity, functionality, and sustainability.

Zara’s Prototype of Franchise Trade

This brand keeps faith in the invention of values through attractive, ethical, and top-notch products with a complete rhythm of life. Starting from designing and discovering to the development and quality control, logistics, sales through stores, and online shopping sites, Zara looks after everything. That’s what makes the brand so special.

The customers are the center of their business prototype. Zara understands what the customers exactly desire. They will go through each and every feedback they get from their buyers.

They are also one of the best in analyzing real-time sales data, making short production runs, and investing in state of the art logistics. What it actually does is allows the company to match the requirements of every customer.

You will always see that Zara outlets always open in higher commercial places which are inclusive of landmark buildings in the most well-known shopping areas in the world.

Every Zara store takes 9 to 10 staff members to work in the outlet. On top of that, the maximum number of company managers in head offices carry a substantial in-store experience.

Products They Sell

How to get zara franchise

Zara is one of those brands to keep each and everything that is needed to fulfill one’s needs in the fashion realm. The company sells outfits for men, women, and children. Besides outfits, Zara sells other things like shoes, bags, and other related accessories.

Zara is really very popular for selling to quality coats, jackets, blazers, tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, and so forth. Now, it is time for getting into the Zara franchise in detail.

Key Benefits of Zara Franchise

Franchising is quite common for every renowned brand nowadays and so is for Zara. Zara owns more than 2100 franchising outlets in more than 90 countries across the world. You might be wondering why you should go with this brand for starting a franchise business. Well, this is one of those brands that is known to be one of the most profitable franchise businesses.

Without a doubt and hesitation, it can be said that Zara is one of the best organizations to purchase one’s franchise in spite of that only a few establishments come up with franchises to the ones who needed them. That is why the Zara franchise is a very wise decision that will actually shoot up in no time.

  • The profit you generate from this brand is actually quite high.
  • The franchise business of Zara accepts adaptability standards to update and fix any negative feedback received from any client.
  • You will get complete access to corporate administrations.

Requirements to Open Zara Franchise

Zara is providing franchise for some time now. The Zara franchise is well-paid progress taking into consideration how the company is developed in each and every nation around the planet.

Zara has spread its tentacles across more than 70 countries around the globe. At the present time, Zara has more than 900 stores in its organization.

  • You need to be hardworking enough. This is a strongly non-negotiable fact for running a Zara franchise as the company mainly focuses on providing the best service to the clients.
  • A Zara franchisee must possess an inclination towards working for him or herself. He or she must have the desire to carry out the business well enough along with taking it to profitability.
  • High-quality communication skills are very much needed in this field as it would help to attract as many customers as possible. You should be equally friendly with every client stepping his or her foot into the store.
  • Your franchise will need at least 9 to 10 people. So, you need to be a good team builder and lead them well.

These four points can make your franchise go to the top within a very less amount of time. And, thus, the profit is all yours.

Zara Franchise Cost

Here’s another good news for you if you are all set to start with the Zara franchise. Unlike many other well-known brands, Zara provides franchises at a comparatively much lower start-up cost.

The investment price actually varies a bit from one place to another. But, one thing is for sure, that is, the investment capital cost does not exceed 80000 USD, for the start-up.

Charges for Amount to be paid
Initial franchise charge 30,000 USD
Cost for gear, furniture, and other pieces of equipment 50,000 USD
Total investment cost 80,000 USD (approximate value)

Another vitally important thing to remember about the Zara franchise is that there is a royalty expense of 5% to 10%. Also, there is a promotion charge of 0.3% of the average incomes to be paid. The royalty payment is the segment of the benefit that goes straight to the franchise establishment.

The expenses for the advertisement and promotion is signified for a definite time and promoting administrations. Without regard to how much is spent, it is satisfying to build up a relationship with Zara Store.

Do You Get Trained?

Once you get a Zara franchise for yourself, it’s the company’s responsibility to provide you with things like training, human resources development, and logistics. The good thing is you get these without paying a single penny.

Get in Touch with Zara

To get connected with Zara in order to start a Zara franchise, you can visit their website to know their business strategies.

Zara’s official website:

The company also offers the opportunity to get connected with a future franchisee directly at their official address.

Office Address:


Edificio Inditex

Av. Diputacion s/n

15143 – Arteixo

A Coruña – Spain

Call them: +34 981 185 400


That was everything you required to know before you set off with your Zara franchise business. Hopefully, you are filled with every point you were looking for. Also, get connected with them through their website can make the start quite straightforward.

Did you go through the advantages you get? Then, you must know why you should own one Zara franchise. Profit is what everyone looks for before starting a business. Zara fulfills that with ease as it is already such a well-reputed brand and that too in exchange for a smaller amount of investment capital.

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