How to Get Zomato Franchise [ Cost, Eligibility, Contact Details]

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Thinking to start a Zomato franchise? If you are wondering if it is a good option to get the Zomato franchise then in this article, I will solve your query.

Almost every Indian person is a huge foody. They just need an excuse to go to a restaurant with their families and loved ones, be it a birthday, anniversary, or celebrating someone’s graduation. As a result, the restaurant industries are earning more than many other industries in this country.

Now, it has grown so much that a lot of companies have opened up to help you book food online from almost any good restaurant. Not only that, but these companies also reach the foods safely at your place or at the given address.

Zomato is one of such companies and is one of the most successful ones running in India. What if you own one of a Zomato kitchen franchise? Sounds profitable, isn’t it? Well, this is what this article is all about. Let’s head in.

About Zomato

Zomato’s online food delivery company was initially known as Foodiebay. It was established in the year 2008 by two Delhi IITians, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.

This was actually something very sudden when his colleagues had a continued demand for paper menu leaflets of different restaurants for ordering food. This is the time when they came up with this amazing plan.

Now, it is serving the whole country with quality service and making people’s lives easier. At present Zomato has spread its branches and reached to work actively in 24 countries covering more than 10000 cities all around the world.

Each and every month this online food delivery company serves more than 100 million food lovers. Also, Zomato is very well known for quality foods along with its quality delivery procedure.

and way more profitable than you can ever imagine. Let me inform you about the procedure of starting your business with a Zomato Franchise.

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Key Benefits of Getting Zomato Franchise

A business franchisee helps in many ways. It helps the mother company to spread more among the people and a person can start their own business being under the mother company. A Zomato Franchise gives the owner much more than that. If you are wondering what benefits you would get from this company then follow the points below.

#1. Zomato’s Marketing Stratagem

Once you are getting to own a Zomato Franchise, you would not require to spend any sum of money in order to advertise and promote the company.

Zomato itself spends a lot of money advertising itself and thus has reached millions of people within a very short period. So, right off the bat, your business is going to be fine enough with a lot of profit.

#2. Smooth Delivery

The cost of fuel is increasing at a much higher pace and this is where it becomes a little difficult to manage orders online in case of delivering them. But, delivering food is nothing worrisome as the franchise helps a lot. They will definitely be careful enough to deliver the order on time.

#3. Public Reviews

Customer reviews are helpful too. It is obvious that a restaurant with good food with proper price will definitely receive good comments from the customers.

These reviews help the company to keep up the connections with good restaurants and thus serve people even better. A review also helps the buyer to choose the restaurant properly.

#4. Zomato’s Customer Service

Zomato offers a properly updated tracking system so that the customer is always aware of the location of the delivery person. The company does not allow any sort of clumsiness when it comes to serving people. This is another reason the company never faces any sort of downfall.

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How to Make Money with Zomato Kitchen Franchise?

Zomato Kitchen franchise

It started just as an online food delivery service. But, now, there are other services that Zomato gives you apart from ordering food online and getting you delivered at the mentioned address.

It has other services like online table booking, Zomato Piggybank, Take Away Services, Food at Work, and Zomato Gold. As a result, it has reached more people within a very short span of time. So, buying a part of it and starting your own business will definitely be something fruitful.

Zomato doesn’t directly offer franchise but there are several ways that you can opt to make money with Zomato.

#1. Zomato Kitchen Franchise

There are various hotels and restaurants around the country that want to spread their fame and make a bigger and stronger customer base. They can join the Zomato Kitchen Franchise and start their own trade under Zomato.

It means that those restaurants and hotels are making an agreement with the company and pay it with a commission percentage for each order made on the platform.

#2. Zomato Delivery Franchise

Zomato already has its own delivery fleet to carry out food transfer from the restaurants to the buyers. Even so, the costs of delivery have been increasing day by day and so the company is giving delivery franchises to help them in productively delivering all the orders.

#3. Company Franchise

Zomato is already one of the biggest online food delivery companies in India yet some of the cities did not get a prominent Zomato service still now.

This is why the company is making agreements with many who are ready to buy franchises and start to run the company in those places as well. Zomato will be giving a specific amount of commission on each order delivered to the franchise.

Requirements for Opening Zomato Franchise

To own a Zomato franchise there are various parameters you need to fulfill. Only then you can own one. Let’s go through the requirements.

#1. Area You Need

To start a business with Zomato you will need an area of 2000 to 3000 sq ft for a minimum kitchen space. You can have more space than this but this the least area of space you must possess. You have to submit the documents of the plot to Zomato.

#2. Investment Cost in Zomato Franchise

The cost for opening a Zomato franchising outlet in India varies from Rs. 30 to 35 lakhs depending upon the region where you are opening it. Also, keep this in mind that the company promises a monthly earning of Rs. 3 Lakhs to every Zomato restaurant.

#3. License Required

Also, a Zomato restaurant has to submit the registration certificate, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license, and GST number.

#4. Training Details

If you are owning a franchise outlet of Zomato, you will get a descriptive manual in order to know each and every detail of the company and its functioning. But, some situations might arise where you will need immense help, here the Zomato support team comes into play.

They are always there to help you out. The team would also set up the IT base that the outlet requires for handling the orders.

Contact Details of Zomato Franchise

Zomato Franchise contact: +91 80396 54500, 011 40847474.

Zomato Head Office Address: Zomato Media Pvt Ltd, 139-P, Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002.

You can also visit their official website on their business page:


If you own a Zomato franchise, you know how it can help you to grow a business and also help many people. People are busy nowadays. Sometimes they don’t even get the time to cook food for themselves. This is where Zomato comes into action.

Be it a celebration or an emergency Zomato is ready to serve anytime, anywhere. So, if you are planning to step into the restaurant industry and start your very own business, no other option can be better than Zomato.

So, why wait? Connect with them and start your business with your own Zomato franchise. Because anybody should “Never have a bad meal”.

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